A special feature of Chrome, the website can be loaded without clicking

 A special feature of Chrome, the website can be loaded without clicking

Google's popular web browser Chrome dominates the internet browser. Millions of people use it. However, many people still don't know about all its features.

Most of the time we have experienced that it sometimes takes a long time for a webpage to load in the browser. During that time a circular icon keeps rotating and loading. Such a view is actually disturbing for computer users.

If you know a certain Google Chrome trick, you won't have much of a problem. Chrome will preload webpage without clicking. This feature greatly benefits the user.

How does this feature of Chrome work?

Google Chrome's preloading feature has webpages already loaded in the background. So when you navigate to that webpage, that page is already ready.

Based on the Chrome user's browsing history and his searches, it already predicts which page the user will go to next. Chrome uses a smart algorithm for this.

How to activate loading on mobile?

If you want to use the Chrome loading feature on Android and iOS smartphones as well, here's how to activate the feature:

First open Chrome on Android and iOS

Then go to settings

Then go to Privacy and Security and click on Preload Page

There you will see two options. You can choose either Standard Preloading or Extended Preloading.

The standard preloading page is prepared according to the user's history and cookies. Similarly, in extended mode, such pages are prepared where users have never visited.

How to start loading on computer?

The loading feature of Chrome can be easily started on PC and desktop. For this some steps should be followed:

Open Chrome and go to Settings.

Go to Settings and click on Performance on the left

Toggle on Load Page also under Speed ​​Section