Now Facebook and Instagram will give appropriate captions

Now Facebook and Instagram will give appropriate captions

Now, captions will appear on the photos posted on Facebook and Instagram. A recent feature will analyze the image and recommend appropriate captions.

This type of system is targeted at visually impaired users, according to Facebook. So that in the future those users can find their picture soon.

Alt-text is a field in image metadata that describes any image content in detail.

For example, 'A man is standing in a field with a horse' or 'A dog is sitting on a ship'. With the help of this, even people who cannot see with their eyes can read the interpretation of the picture and imagine everything.

The technology, developed by Facebook and Instagram over the past few years, is now accessible to all.

Facebook launched its 'Automatic Alt Text' system in 2016. This was a long-running project in the field of machine learning. So far, the company has made many revisions.

The company has mentioned that it has made it more fast and detailed. In the last update, the option of giving a more detailed explanation as per the demand has been added.

According to Facebook, this technology has improved 10 times since its introduction. It currently identifies more than 1,200 objects. At the same time, its interpretation is becoming more detailed.