Here are 6 tricks of Google search that many may not know.

Here are 6 tricks of Google search that many may not know.

 With increasing access to and use of the Internet, we are now using Google search to find anything. Many of Google's 'hidden tricks' are not known to most users by a simple search.

Today we are going to tell you about 6 such tricks of Google, you may not even know those tricks. These tricks will definitely make your Google search easier and more useful.

1. Each link in a new tab

If you are searching for something on Google, not just one, you are clicking on different links. In this case, you go to each link and right-click on the Open in New tab.

This process is very long and tedious. When you open each link, you have to right-click and open it in a new tab. There is a trick to make this work easier, which opens a new tab with just a click of a link.

To do this, open in the browser and click on Settings in the bottom right corner.

Now click on the search settings in it and tick in the open it selected results in a new browser window at the bottom of where the results are open and save. This will open a new tab when you click on a link that appears in a Google search.

2. Word Pronouns

Sometimes new words come. Or there is a dilemma in the pronunciation of a known word. In this case, it is embarrassing to ask someone else and we are not able to ask.

If you are facing a similar problem, you no longer have to ask anyone else. With the help of Google in general, you can easily find the correct pronunciation of any word.

Type 'pronounce' into Google and then search for the word you need to know the pronunciation of. By doing this you can easily find the correct pronunciation of the word.

3. Many results on the same page

You may have noticed that when you do a Google search, only the top ten results are always visible. But if you want, you can get many results on one page.

To do this, the first type google dot com in the browser and press enter. Now you will see the setting option in the bottom right corner, click on it.

Now there you will find the search settings. If you go within that, you can find the page option on the results. From that, you can save 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 by deciding how many results to make visible.

4. Google SafeSearch

If you have children at home and want to make their Google search safer, these tips will be very useful for you. To do this, open Google in a web browser and enter the search settings in the settings at the bottom right.

Now you can see the option of Safe Search Filter at the beginning. Tick ​​Turn on Safe Search under it and save. By doing this, your children will not see 18+ or adult content when they search for anything on Google.

5. Own language

This setting will be useful if you want to use Google's search engine in your own language. To do this, go to Google and go to the search settings in the bottom right.

Now you can see the language option at the beginning. In it, you can choose the language you want and save it. This will make all the results you search on Google appear in the language you want.

5. Search history

If you've logged in to Gmail and are doing a Google search, a record of all your searches will be in Google's history. You can even delete your search history.

To do this, open and click on Settings in the bottom right corner, where you will see the Search History option.

Now if you click on it, you will find that everyone has a history of what they searched for on the internet, what they saw. You can delete your online history by going to the Delete Activity option there.

6. Google Cache

If you've noticed a Google search, you may have noticed a drop-down arrow with a link. Do you know what its function is?

So many users are either ignoring it or ignoring it. If you click on the drop-down arrow, you will see the Cache option.

Here you can see what the website looked like when it was scrolled on Google.