Is someone running your Google Account? Find out how.

Is someone running your Google Account? Find out how.

As soon as the computer is out of your control or out of sight, everyone is afraid that someone is gaining access to my computer. Sometimes we leave our Gmail account open on our computer or mobile. In this case, someone may be accessing your account.

If you want to secure your account, first change the password. Then use two-factor authentication. You can also enroll in Google's Advanced Protection Program. Following these steps will help keep your account secure.

But if you just want to make sure that someone has access to your Google or Gmail account, follow the procedure below.

1. Gmail lets you view recent email access activity in the desktop web browser. To do this, click on 'Details' at the bottom right of the email. A separate window then opens.

There you will see your recent account activities. It shows where your device was unlocked and how long it was open on which devices. There is information about where your Gmail account has been opened for the last 10 times.

It mentions browser, POP, mobile, IP address location, date, and access time. If any access is to an unexpected device, location, or time, you may find that your account has not been accessed by others.

But if you use a VPN or host desktop, your location data displayed in that window will show information about the service provider instead of your physical address.

Sometimes the account is accessed in the expected place even at unexpected times, this can be because the mail can be opened in the browser by keeping the computer on.

The system can be configured for auto-check mail from time to time. Sometimes access is granted even when the power is interrupted. Sometimes the system is configured to automatically turn on the power once the power is on.

Does anyone have access to my browser?

Browser history can be viewed by pressing Ctrl + H on a Chrome browser, Chromebook, or any Chrome OS device. In Mac OS, when you press Command Plus Y (press Command + Y), the history of the site you visit is displayed. See if there are any expected site visits.

Also, if you want to see which services are signed in from your browser, you can see all the history in Chrome History by typing ‘sign in’ in the blue box at the bottom of the URL box.

Who has access to my Google Account?

Click here if you want to view your Google Account history on YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, and other services.

Depending on the type of security setting you have, you may need to re-authenticate to access the information contained therein. There may also be data that may not match your usage.

A screenshot of the "My Google Activity" page displays recent activity for websites, YouTube video plays, and other activities.

Also, click on this link to see a list of devices that have your Google Account signed in. Also, prevent any unauthorized access without re-authentication by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top of the device and selecting sign out.

Go to Google's Security Checkup and review each item identified by Google's system as a potential security issue. Make changes if you want to.