Forgot your mobile password or pattern? Do this

Forgot your mobile password or pattern? Do this

Nowadays, most of us keep passwords or patterns on our mobiles. From which no one else can see private chats and photos.

But sometimes it happens that we forget our passwords and patterns. Then we have no choice but to go to the service center. In this way, both our time and money are being spent.

But today we are telling you a way by which you can easily unlock your phone even if you have forgotten your password or pattern.

Here's how to do a factory reset on an Android phone

First, switch off the phone you want to unlock. Wait at least a minute after closing. Now press the volume down button, power on button simultaneously. (Which button to press may vary from company to company)

Then the phone recovery mode will open. Click on the factory reset button. Click on Wipe Cache to clear the data.

Wait another minute and turn on your Android mobile. At the same time, your phone will be unlocked.

How to unlock mobile from website

You can even unlock your mobile through Google's Android Device Manager website. To unlock the phone, first, go to this website, delete the data on your phone and reset your phone.

Doing so will reset your phone. In addition to this, you can also trace your mobile with the help of this website.

Note: This method will delete all the content on your mobile SMS, app, music video, etc.

How to bypass pattern lock

You can use this method only when your mobile has data or an internet connection. If your data or WiFi is on, you can easily unlock your device.

Try unlocking the pattern lock five times to unlock your phone. You will now see a notification that says try again after 30 seconds.

Now you can see the Forgot Password option in it. Put your Gmail ID and password in it, which is being used on your device. After doing so, your phone will be unlocked and you can put a new pattern.