Tired of full phone storage? Do this.

Tired of full phone storage? Do this.

After the phone, it will have many necessary apps along with photos and videos. Mobile has become an important part of our lives today.

But sometimes we are surprised by this phone. It starts to hang again and again.

And many times storage causes problems. If you are bothered by phone storage every time, today we are telling you about the solution.

Use the cleaning app

As the phone's memory fills up, users are often using a cleaning app. Instead, use Google's File app.

It also works as a cleaning app. It contains junk files, duplicate files, mimes, large files, and more. Using it can free up a lot of storage.

Delete the temporary file

You can even empty the phone's storage by deleting the cache files on the phone. To do this, open the app by managing apps from the phone's settings and go to Clear Data and clear the cache. You can even clear the cache of all the apps at once by going to the phone's storage.

Use cloud storage

Photos and videos consume most of the phone's storage. You can use Google Photos or other cloud services to save phone storage.

So lately, mobile companies have been offering cloud storage. This way you can put your photo and video files on the cloud server using cloud storage.