iCloud is safer than Facebook for photo sharing

iCloud is safer than Facebook for photo sharing

You may have taken a lot of photos on your smartphone. Of course, you want to share those pictures with friends and family.

Many people use Facebook and Instagram to share their photos. But many have been caught in data scandals this year. People are worried about their privacy after the Cambridge Analytica earlier this year and the hack in October 2018 affected 30 million people.

Those who consider their photos to be sensitive personal data are even more afraid to upload photos to such sites.

There are other means of sharing. In this article, we are writing about the security of sharing photos from iCloud.

If you have an iPhone, you can be largely free from security risks. Instead of Facebook or Instagram, you can share photos with your friends and family from Apple's iCloud.

Built-in the cloud that only works for Apple devices, it also works for devices other than Apple on the web.

The biggest advantage of using iCloud is that it is secure and confidential. Users can choose who to show their photos to.

Also, Apple does not use user photos, scan for more information or target ads.

Visit Apple's web page dedicated to security and privacy.

It also allows users to understand the security of their data from Apple. Apple does not sell your photos and personal details to any third party.

It also completely encrypts any login and transaction data.

If your photo is being viewed by unwanted people on Facebook, you can select the person on iCloud who respects your photo.

Even if the person viewing your photo post does not have an Apple device, they can view and comment on the photo by visiting iCloud.com through Apple ID.

 How to share a photo album from iCloud?

Take any Apple device and connect it to iCloud and your Apple ID.

Now open your Photos app. Select some photos from it and click the share button on the right.

The first option you see is the Apple Photo app icon. But it's called a 'share album'. Now click to share the photos you have selected.

You can also create a new album of these photos. Or you can select the album you have already created.

You can also click the comment, add, or post. This way you can share photos on iCloud.

The best thing about iCloud is that you can select the people you want to show your photos on, and others can contribute photos to your album.

To do this, go to your stock album. There you will see a toggle button with two options. In which people are written in one and photo in the other.

When People click, a list of people you want to invite will appear. For this, you need their email address and phone number.

You can also give others the right to post photos and videos to your album.