Transfer Hotmail and Yahoo Emails to Gmail

Transfer Hotmail and Yahoo Emails to Gmail

 People used Yahoo and Hotmail a lot in the early days. But with the advent of Gmail, the use of these email services has been declining.

If you've switched from Yahoo or Hotmail to Gmail, you probably have old data in those emails. If you want to transfer data from those emails to Gmail, here's an easy way to do that.

Gmail is the most used email service in the world. Today, more than 1.8 billion people are using Gmail.

It has features like Google Drive Integration, Email Schedule Feature, Advanced Search, Spam Block, Confidential Mode, etc. Let's get started with how to transfer data from any other email service to Gmail.

From Yahoo to Gmail

It's very easy to transfer data from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. To do this, you first need to login to your Gmail account on the desktop.

If you're doing it over the phone, log in to Gmail in a web browser. After logging in, you need to go to Gmail settings.

Click on the Account & Import tab in Settings. Which you can see at the beginning of the setting.

Now to import email data from Yahoo Mail you need to click on Import Mail & Contacts. If you are transferring email data from Yahoo to Gmail here, you will need to enter your Yahoo email address.

Then click Continue. Gmail will now search your Yahoo address and a new window will open.

Where you need to login to your Yahoo account. When you complete the sign-in process, it will ask permission for data transfer.

Close the window after clicking on the Agri button there. After doing so, you will be taken to the previous window.

In it, choose what you want to import from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. This allows you to transfer both contacts and emails from Yahoo to Gmail.

Now click on Start Import and press the OK button. After doing so, your email data will now be transferred from Yahoo to Gmail. Which you can even see in your Gmail.

From Hotmail to Gmail

You can easily transfer Hotmail's email data to your Gmail. The process is similar to transferring email data from Yahoo to Gmail.

You need to access Import Mail & Contacts via Account & Import from Gmail settings. Then you have to start the import process by entering the Hotmail address there.