Run WhatsApp? Learn the safe way.

Run WhatsApp? Learn the safe way.

WhatsApp is an easy messaging app. Messages are considered quick and easy to make calls. Its use in Nepal has been increasing lately.

Lately, insecurity has been increasing in online messaging platforms. Such platforms are as safe as they are handled with care.

It is also very safe to take a little precaution easily.

1 Make your profile visible only to those in your contacts

WhatsApp allows only those on your contact list to view your profile. To do this, go to Settings and click on Account. Then go to privacy. Once there, there is an option called profile photo. There are three options to see who can see your profile photo. From there, choose 'My Contacts'. This will prevent users who are not on your list from viewing your profile.

2 Block people who don't want to chat

We have saved many people's numbers on mobile. But with all of them, we may not want to chat and call on WhatsApp. The number given or taken for personal and temporary work can also be easily accessed on WhatsApp when it is on our list. But such numbers can be blocked if you do not feel the need to contact WhatsApp. Such numbers can be blocked on WhatsApp by choosing. It does not send unnecessary messages.

3 Do not accept calls from unknown numbers

Unknown numbers and phone calls from individuals should not be received immediately. Taxes should be collected only if one is identified as important.

Similarly, you should not receive a call from a country code number unless you want to. You should not reply to messages without information and interest.

4 Do not share any password from WhatsApp

Passwords and PINs of any account you run should not be shared through WhatsApp. Bank details and any other OTT platform should not be shared.

Similarly, you need to have a double security lock on WhatsApp. Only open with numbers, fingerprints, or code.