Mobile device management system ready, delay in connection due to corona

Mobile device management system ready, delay in connection due to corona

In order to make the import, sale, distribution, and use of mobile sets systematic and effective, the software of the mobile device management system to be brought into operation by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority has been prepared.

Although the software was ready for the system, which is being constructed at a cost of Rs.

NEA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal said that technicians had to come from Malaysia for additional equipment and its connection but could not come due to the coronavirus.

The contract was awarded to a Malaysian company.

After the operation of this system, which is accessible to the Customs Department, Nepal Police, and NEA, those who import mobile sets into Nepal should register at the beginning. After putting the IME number there, it is found out whether it is genuine or not according to the database taken by NEA from GSMA. NEA will allow import only after the genuine is set.

The NEA is confident that the same code and access will be kept by the customs department as well.

In this way, if a mobile set is not registered in the system, it is detected in Nepal. The way will also be opened to stop the operation of unregistered illegally imported sets.

"The best aspect of this is that the problem of theft and loss of mobile sets can be detected within Nepal. If someone is using the stolen mobile phone, it can be blocked immediately, ”said spokesperson Aryal.