A headset to scare away a child

A headset to scare away a child

Virtual reality headsets have been provided in the hospital to reduce the fear of children. These headsets are worn on the ears of a frightened child when he goes to the hospital for treatment. A seven-minute film is shown wearing a headset before treatment. It shows a film by a rabbit who treats patients in the virtual world.

The main purpose of using a headset is to reduce the anxiety of the hospital by showing the simplicity of the medical process in the child. The headset is on display at Dubai's longest-running Arab health exhibition.

The child has a terrible fear of the hospital. Most children do not want to go to the hospital. They are scared of hospital medicines and needles. In such cases, medical treatment is difficult. But this headset has made it easier for nurses to draw blood and inject.

The most stressful and frightening situation for a child and the process that reduces that stress was discussed at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. The doctor concluded that the cartoon would reduce the child's fear.

Earlier, a virtual reality device for women was tested to reduce labor pains. According to a survey conducted at Circus Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, 57 percent of women said they did not feel any pain.