Easy to bring money for software export to Nepal

Easy to bring money for software export to Nepal

Nepal Rastra Bank has made it easier for companies and institutions in Nepal to bring home foreign currency due to their efficiency and expertise.

The central bank has made arrangements for the remittance of foreign currency to Nepal from abroad by making it easy to repatriate online and e-commerce transactions.

With this arrangement, it will be easier for those who bring money from abroad to stay in Nepal and make software. Earlier, when there was no such arrangement, companies working on software in Nepal used to bring money by showing various purposes and resources.

Since most of the companies in Nepal have foreign partner organizations, they used to bring only the required amount here knowing that the work done here would be paid by the company abroad.

Despite the recent increase in activities in the field of information technology in Nepal, businessmen have been saying that they have been hit hard by treating goods like exports to bring foreign currency to Nepal.

Similarly, payment for goods and other services sold online from Nepal can also be taken online. This arrangement will facilitate the export of Nepal's goods no matter what.

Previously, it was difficult to pay online in this way.