1 hour limit for free Google Meet users

1 hour limit for free Google Meet users

Millions of people around the world are still working from home due to the coronavirus epidemic and various restrictions. Video conferencing platforms are becoming very helpful to make work from home easier. Along with Zoom, Google's Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Messenger's Messenger Rooms are becoming very popular.

Keeping in mind the interests of millions of working people around the world working from home, many video streaming platforms are providing maximum service for free. Search engine company Google has also been providing its Google Meet service completely free of cost.

Google Meet allows users to have video conferencing for as long as they want. But Google is shutting down such unlimited free meetings from September 30. After September 30, free Google Meet users will be able to have a maximum of 60 minutes of video conferencing.

After September 30, free users will be able to make video calls for only 60 minutes at a time, while unlimited video conferencing will be available only for paid users.

Last April, Google announced that all users would be able to use Unlimited Google Meet for video conferencing. As the world becomes more and more accustomed to the Coronavirus, Google is set to limit its free service.

At the same time, users who have a long meeting on Google Meet will have to pay a fee. But for users who meet in less than an hour, Google Meet will come in free.

While Google has introduced a time limit for free users, it is not clear whether there will be a limit on the number of video conferencing participants.