Chinese and North Korean hacker's 'transit' Nepal! Indian concern right or wrong?

Chinese and North Korean hacker's 'transit' Nepal! Indian concern right or wrong?

Indian media has published the news that hackers from China and North Korea have made a strong presence in Nepal and are spying on India.

According to a recent report by Zee News India, Nepal's KP Oli government is becoming a hub for China's State Security Bureau, Beijing's Intelligence Army, and North Korean cyber and money laundering stage operations.

In the news, it has been mentioned that the clear source of Nepal Hub has not been revealed by the 'official source'.

Citing sources, North Korean hackers have been working with Chinese intelligence agencies to target the Indian system, disrupting the banking system, and stealing sensitive technology.

According to the news, the hackers are trying to hack into the Indian system by injecting special computer programs like Icebug, Hidden Linux, and APT 12.

It has also been mentioned that Chinese and North Korean hackers have been staying in Nepal for a long time and spying on India.

"These hackers are also committing cyber crimes in Nepal such as hacking into bank cash machines," the report said.

The detailed news is as follows

"In 2019, Nepal Police arrested 122 Chinese nationals on tourist visas for hacking attempts.

Evidence was also found that the North Korean group worked directly with the North Korean military intelligence directorate-general. This group is also called the Lazarus group, the Hidden Cobra.

Lazarus, a North Korean-sponsored hacking group, plans to launch a large-scale phishing attack via email designed around the Kovid 19 crisis.

The main targets of such phishing attacks are the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and India.

In fact, the governments of these countries are expanding stimulus payments to combat the epidemic of COVID 19.

"Such phishing emails lead recipients to fake websites, where they are tricked into revealing their personal and financial details," said Seiferma, a security research company that exposed the Lazarus Group's plans.

A report published in Nepali media a few months ago also revealed that North Korean hackers were conducting hacking operations illegally from Kathmandu.

This does not only disrupt Nepal's internal security. It also jeopardizes Nepal's commitment to national security with international fora such as the United Nations.

If this situation continues, Nepal will soon be known as a hub of criminal activity.

A North Korean hacker group was reported to be conducting cyber espionage from apartment number 16A of Harmony Housing in Tokha.

The group was targeting banking and financial institutions around the world.

The group had taken a resort at Harmony Housing in collaboration with some Nepali citizens.

The main objective of the group is to target various banks, financial institutions, and organizations and steal sensitive information from them.

The group then returns its information, data, and facts to the North Korean government.

The United States has issued an alert saying North Korean hackers are carrying out sophisticated cyber attacks aimed at stealing financial institutions and banks around the world.

Many North Korean hackers operating from Nepal are a threat to India. The main purpose of these hacker groups is to make money for North Korea.

Cybersecurity and infrastructure security agencies such as the CISA, the Treasury Department, the FBI, and US Cybercom have issued alerts, saying the North Korean hacker group Beagle Boys has resumed its ATM cashout campaign.

They have been operating it with great success since 2015. The money stolen by these cybercriminals will be used by the North Korean regime to run UN-banned nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.