Smart Mask for translating eight languages ​​made in Japan

Smart Mask for translating eight languages ​​made in Japan

The Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic has changed people's daily lives. One of those changes is the daily use of the mask.

When the mask became a must-have item in daily life, a Japanese robot company took it as an opportunity. Donat Robotics has created a smart face mask using the opportunity. The mask not only covers the face but also translates into eight languages.

The company said the mask was created to make it easier to communicate in situations where social coverage is required due to the coronavirus.

The mask can amplify the user's voice and translate spoken language into eight different languages.

The company's CEO, Taisuki Ono, said the mask was designed to be a standard face mask. He said it was important to make it easier to breathe, but that it was not a priority to protect against the coronavirus. According to him, it is made of white plastic and silicone. It has a microphone connected, which is connected to the Bluetooth of the smartphone.

The connected system translates into Japanese and Chinese, said CEO Tatsuki. He said he would also translate into Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, English, Spanish and French.

The company developed a translation software called Cinnamon. But when the Corona took the form of an epidemic, the plan was thwarted. A team of technicians and engineers operating the same project came up with a new idea of ​​a face mask. CEO Tatsuki said that the mask developed now is the result of the same thinking.