Photos of 'Couple Challenge' started appearing on porn sites!

Photos of 'Couple Challenge' started appearing on porn sites!

In the last few days, many trends have been running on social media in the name of the challenge. In which, as a couple challenges, users are posting photos with their partners on social media.

In the name of Couple Challenge, users are disclosing their personal information. Based on this, there is a lot of risks that a hacker can target.

Be careful if you are also posting a photo with your smiling partner on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter including the hashtag Couple Challenge.

This is not just a hashtag, but a web of cybersecurity experts hacking hackers to gather personal information. It's okay to take selfies.

Posting it on social media can also be considered natural. But if you are posting your picture and personal information on a hashtag trend on social media, it may not be a challenge for others but a challenge to your own life.

This trend is not only in Nepal but also in neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh. So far, about 3 million users have shared photos with their partners on Facebook as a couple challenges.

The matter has come before the Indian police. Pune Police in India has requested users to avoid this challenge through its Twitter handle.

The tweet said, ‘Think twice before posting a photo with your partner. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. "

Using this type of challenge, hackers target users' private photos. Who are victims of Revenge Porn and Deep Fake technology around the world?

Many people, especially women, have been victims of deep throats. In which, using artificial intelligence, someone's picture is attached to another person's body in such a way that it looks like the real thing.

Even the biggest celebrities from the general public have fallen victim to this kind of deep throw. In the space of a few days, different types of challenges are coming up on social media.

Couple Challenge is also one of the challenges. Photos of some of the participants in the Couple Challenge have started appearing on pornographic sites.

Except for Deep Fake, this type of challenge does not remove all of a person's personal information, which can be used to blackmail. So be careful before sharing your photos and personal information on social media.