Smart suitcase for the blind

Smart suitcase for the blind

IBM Tech has teamed up with four other companies to build prototype suitcases. This suitcase is a suitcase based on artificial intelligence technology. The company claims that the suitcase will guide the blind.

The company has also partnered with companies such as Alpine, Mistubishi, Omron, and Shimizu to make smart suitcases. Behind it was a statue of IBM's Iko Asakawa, who himself is blind. This suitcase guides the visually impaired and the camera and sensors in it warn of obstacles in the way.

A smart suitcase based on AI technology helps to reach the destination by scanning the user's current location and map data. The suitcase guides by speaking and giving the vibration on its handle. This way the user can easily find the shops on the way.

According to the Next Web Report, this suitcase lets users know in advance about problems with the help of cameras and distance sensors. The number of blind people could reach 115 million by 2050, according to the Next Web in its Global Health Study report.

According to Asakawa, freedom and safe travel in the city is difficult for the blind. But this suitcase helps to end their problem. In this suitcase, Alp Alpine has been working on haptic technology, Omron Company has been working on image recognition and sensors, Shimizu has been working on the navigation system and automotive technology.

The company believes that this suitcase will make all the blind self-reliant.