Facebook has introduced a feature to chat between Instagram and Messenger

Facebook has introduced a feature to chat between Instagram and Messenger

Facebook on Wednesday announced plans to allow Instagram and Messenger users to chat with each other. Instagram users will now be able to experience different types of messaging as soon as the new option is updated.

Like Messenger, you can change the chat color, react through emoji, watch videos together, delete messages, and other features. At the same time, such users will have the option to chat with friends who use Facebook.

Apple will provide the information. These features will be available in Instagram's inbox as soon as the user agrees to update.

With Crush Platform Messaging Interoperability, users will be able to chat with their friends and family on the world's two largest social networks through the same messaging app and use other chat apps.

According to Facebook, the new interoperability will work whether Instagram users have a Facebook account or not. Facebook plans to add its WhatsApp to this feature.

However, Facebook says privacy is protected so that users can determine who gets access to their main chat. If an Instagram user does not want to receive a message from Facebook, he or she can even turn off this feature.

This kind of control can be maintained even from the new account center recently made public by Facebook. This tool will allow the user to manage crush app features like single sign-on and Facebook play.

As before, users of both Instagram and Messenger apps will be able to block and report suspicious and unwanted messages and turn on calls as needed. But the blocking and reporting feature has been expanded.

From now on, you will have to report the entire chart of the concerned person and not in a single message on Instagram. Similarly, the Safety Notices feature in Messenger will allow users to identify and report suspicious activity.

This feature will be available to a limited number of Instagram users at an early stage. So even if you agree to access another platform, Facebook has made it clear that the two inboxes will not be merged.

This means that you will not be able to see all your Instagram chats in Messenger's inbox and Messenger's chats in Instagram's DM. Instagram users' messages and calls will remain in the Instagram app.

But Facebook users will be able to add it to the inbox if they agree. This kind of change has created some dilemmas.

Facebook and Instagram users have seen the navigation of their privacy and security settings become more complex. The expansion of the new facility has pushed it towards more dilemmas.

This kind of effort by Facebook is being seen as a strategy to maintain its dominance in the field of social media.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the company's vision to promote messaging interoperability as a way to provide a more personalized social networking experience. A few months ago, the company started testing this feature on a limited number of users.