JBL Wireless Earbuds | Now the Redmi phone does not come with a charger!

 JBL Wireless Earbuds

 JBL has introduced wireless earbuds with touch display and smart charging case for the first time. Recently, the company has released wireless earbuds of 'Tour Pro 2' model.

JBL's sound speakers are very popular products. In this case, the company has also started providing earbuds based on its sound system to customers since last year.

Under this, the company has released a new version of the earbud 'Tour Pro 2'. A 1.45-inch LED touchscreen is available in the charging box of this earphone, which has been released with a noise cancellation feature.

It is said that you can change songs, receive calls, read messages, and get information about notifications on social networks through the touchscreen display in the charging box of the earbuds.

The company claims that the earphones that support Bluetooth 5.3 can last up to 40 hours when listening to music continuously. Only the earbuds will last for 10 hours on a single full charge.

The battery capacity has increased compared to the 'Tour Pro Plus' released by the company earlier. It was said that 'Tour Pro Plus' would run for a maximum of 30 hours only.

Along with the earbuds, the company has also released Tour One M2 wireless headphones.

The company has announced the enhanced version of the JBL Tour One, inspired by its success.

The company claims that these wireless headphones can last up to 50 hours on a single charge. Although the company has released this product, it is said that it will be available in the market only from January 2023.

The price of the 'Tour Pro 2' earbuds is $249 and the price of the 'Tour One M2' headphones is $299.

Now the Redmi phone does not come with a charger!

Apple, Samsung and some other brands have stopped giving chargers to their flagship phones all together. The Chinese company Xiaomi is also providing 'Mi' series phones in the market without a charger.

Recently, Xiaomi has been seen sending a model of its subsidiary brand Redmi to retail stores without a charger. In the Indian market, the company has released the 'Redmi Note 11SE', which does not include a charger in the box.

This matter has also been accepted by the official page of Xiaomi India.

Although the phone comes with USB-C cable, SIM injector tool, protective case, warranty card and other materials, it is assumed that Xiaomi is not going to provide the charger in the mid-range segment as well.

What is the reason for the charger not coming to the new smartphone?

The companies have given an explanation for not providing the charger in the box of the new fan saying that it is for the protection of the environment. But it makes one think that not giving a charger will protect the environment? On the surface, it does not allow much electrical current.

Because the size of the box is reduced when only the phone is supplied without the charger. Which reduces the pollution caused by plastic elements.

But with this decision of the companies, it has indirectly caused another effect.

The first thing is that if the new phone doesn't come with a charger, you'll be trying to run it off the old charger, which will be very slow and low-powered.

The second thing is that when you use an old charger, by then both the charger and its cable are already weak. Who can't afford more time for a new phone.

Do these companies want users to rely on old chargers and not pollute the environment with more unnecessary garbage? Hardly anyone has kept the charger of a three-year-old phone.

Nor can they charge the powerful battery of your more advanced flagship model. In this case, you should definitely buy a new charger with the packet. In this way, the user is forced to pay an additional fee and buy a new charger separately.

Which will eventually generate dirt like previous generation phones. Moreover, when you buy a separate charger, you know how much plastic and paper are inside the box.

But with the decision of not giving chargers to phones, now you are also losing earphones without knowing it.

The number of people using USB-C earphones is constantly decreasing. Now the market of wireless earphones is growing very much.

This is just a beginning. It seems that in the next few years, many other companies will stop providing free phone cases.

Motorola G22 smartphone in Nepali market, price 22 and a half thousand

Pre-order of Motorola G22 smartphone has started in Nepali market. The price of this smartphone, which will officially start selling from next Wednesday, is 22 and a half thousand rupees.

Motorola Nepal has informed that users will get various gifts while pre-ordering.

The phone has a 90Hz IPS LCD display and is powered by a MediaTek MT6765V/CB Helio G37 chipset.

The phone has a 50 megapixel main camera, 8 megapixel ultrawide, 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor.

Similarly, the selfie camera is 16 megapixels.

This phone can be bought in the Nepali market with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy A13 coming to Nepal

Samsung Galaxy A13 smartphone under Samsung 'A' series is going to enter Nepal. The company said that this phone, which is preferred in the world market in the mid-range, is going to be made available to Nepali users as well.

The company claims that this smartphone will be useful especially for the young generation working in content.

The phone has a 50 megapixel main camera. Based on Android 12, the phone has an Octacore processor. Knox security will be available for security.

Available in 4 and 6 GB RAM variants, the phone will be available in 32, 64 and 128 GB ROM.

If it doesn't arrive by Dasain, iPhone, OnePlus and more expensive mobile phones will cost more than 300 dollars

The government has further extended the ban on the import of expensive mobile phones. By publishing a notice in the gazette, the government has extended the import ban until the 28th of October.

Along with this, the legal way for mobile phones including iPhones worth more than 300 US dollars to enter Nepal has been closed before Dasain. According to the new decision of the government, mobile phones above 300 US dollars as well as cars, jeeps, vans, etc., motorcycles above 150 cc and prepared alcohol cannot be imported.

But the import of items like Kurkure, Kurumure, Lez, Diamonds, Color TV, Toys, Tas has been opened. The government has started to impose this type of ban on the import of ten types of goods from May 14 as foreign exchange reserves are dwindling.

Extending the ban imposed on the import of mobile phones above 600 US dollars on May 13, the government has imposed a ban on the import of mobile phones above 300 US dollars from July 1.

The impact of this kind of import ban by the government has been mostly on the iPhone and OnePlus brands. In addition, the import of mid-range and flagship smartphones of other brands has been stopped for about four months.

This phone has a 5000 mAh battery with a 15 watt fast charging system.