Have you let someone else use your WiFi or Internet without naming it?

Have you let someone else use your WiFi or Internet without naming it?

Currently, the number of users using Wi-Fi is more than mobile data. As Wi-Fi is cheaper than mobile data, many people use Wi-Fi more for business and personal purposes.

Sometimes such a situation occurs, in which the user has to leave the Wi-Fi (Internet) that he is using. Many people sell the Wi-Fi they are using because they are not aware of the risks involved in letting someone else use their Wi-Fi.

Today, we are giving information about what kind of problems may arise for those who buy or sell Wi-Fi.

In some cases, it is also a practice to sell your Wi-Fi while moving. Among them, there is also the process of change of ownership.

However, they do not consider it necessary to take the easy way as it takes some time to perform the process easily.

What are the risks of other people using your Wi-Fi?

Due to various circumstances, when Wi-Fi is allowed to be used by others, the person who officially purchased the Wi-Fi may face various problems.

Speaking to Tekpana, Tenzing Ten, Marketing Head of Internet service provider Worldlink Communications, said, “It is illegal to buy Wi-Fi in someone else's name and sell Wi-Fi in your name to others. Apart from that, using other people's Wi-Fi can lead to account hacking and data theft."

He says that allowing other people to use his Wi-Fi is a risk, so there is a facility that allows you to change names with different Internet service providers.

For that, all other details except the user's username can be changed.

In this regard, cyber security expert and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bhairav ​​Technologies, Vijay Limbu says, "When selling Wi-Fi to other people, that person has to face many problems. Especially the Wi-Fi that is purchased for the purpose. It should be used for that purpose."

He goes on to say, "If it is purchased for personal use, it should be used in a personal manner and if it is purchased for business purposes, it should be used in a professional manner."

He said that if the person who got the password of the Wi-Fi used the Wi-Fi to do something illegal, then the person whose name the Internet is in is more likely to be trapped.

"Many such incidents have come out," Limbu said, "Once a hacker hacked a neighbor's Wi-Fi and hacked another person's social media account. While investigating, the IP address of a Wi-Fi was tracked, from which it was found that the account had been hacked. While investigating the incident, the police arrested the person whose name was Wi-Fi. Later, while understanding the incident, it was found that his Wi-Fi was hacked and other people's accounts were hacked. In this way, giving the Wi-Fi password to other people is also a risk.”

If someone has to sell Wi-Fi to another, it can be sold by naming it. It is facilitated by various internet service providers.

What are the risks of buying someone else's Wi-Fi?

Many may wonder what are the risks of using other users' Wi-Fi. In fact, using someone else's Wi-Fi can have many risks.

If a Wi-Fi is under the control of a hacker, it can pose a huge risk. Limbu says that there is a risk of data theft and account hacking when using Wi-Fi that is in the name of others or that is accessed by others.

"Using someone else's Wi-Fi can lead to data theft," Limbu said.

In this way, Limbu says that users should be cautious about whether the Wi-Fi they are using is secure.