Here's how to easily understand 'Git' open source and its function

Here's how to easily understand 'Git' open source and its function

Today, every company uses git. Git is open-source software. It's available for free. But many may not know what a git is. Today we are going to give you simple information about Git.

To understand Git first, you need to understand a common problem that appears in software companies. If five developers work in a software company, they may face various problems.

After all the developers have done their work, the first problem is how to merge the code of all of them.

Besides, if a developer's code is lost or one person mistakenly deletes the code, there is a problem of losing the code. In that case, there is a problem of how to recover the lost or deleted code.

Sometimes using the old code, a new developer can come and work on the new code. But if the code is bad and the old code is needed, how to bring the code in all those cases? Git has arisen because a solution is necessary for this.

What is git

Any web, app developer, and programmer need a git at some point. Git is actually a version control system.

It is a tool that can be used for any file, be it a word file or a programming file. It works to track. Git tracks everything that changes in the file.

You can install Git on your desktop or laptop. If you are creating an app or web and it has a lot of files. All of this work can be managed through Git.

How to use a git is not a big deal. To use it, your Git project is installed after you add one or two files to Git.

If a developer does something wrong, deletes someone's code, or does something upside down, his whole history is made. This line number makes the whole history that the developer did such a thing on this day.

That way, the old code will never be lost. Even if you have been using Git for 10 years, your code is safe for 10 years.

It is also very easy to share. Once a developer has erased the code in Git, another developer simply uploads the code by downloading the previous code.

While two developers are working, there is no problem. Both can work in a very smart way. If there is a problem somewhere, if two developers write the same line, Git will inform about it and allow solving it.