Google bans two and a half hundred Android apps

Google bans two and a half hundred Android apps

Google has banned about 250 mobile apps from its Play Store. The app in the Android app was blocked by Google after it was found to have made unauthorized actions against the user.

The 240 apps have been banned for Android users for violating Google's rules by displaying a variety of unnecessary ads.

The apps were blocked after Google's security team decided to take action against those applications. Most of the blocked apps belong to the RAINBOWMIX group. Including old games.

Remember that the group's apps are being used by about 15 million people every day. These apps are used to show various types of advertisements to 15 million users every day through Packer software.

Google has blocked the apps that hurt users by showing them unnecessary and misleading ads, prompting Google to immediately delete RAINBOWMIX Group apps on its Android phones.

Researchers with the help of White Ops have revealed the facts about the group, which has been violating Google's rules for a long time. Google has also taken action against the group's apps.

In fact, unnecessary apps not only make phone users uncomfortable to use but also harm the speed of the phone. That's why Google has taken such a step.

However, many apps in the Google Play Store have been blocked or banned from time to time. According to experts, advertising fraud through apps on smartphones is becoming a very serious problem.

Experts say that this will harm the users and will also harm the user mobile apps due to the dangerous apps.