Facebook will ban anyone who posts like this!

Facebook will ban anyone who posts like this!

Facebook has announced it will ban pages, groups, and Instagram accounts that publish posts representing any conspiracy.

Facebook has taken this step based on the 'Quinn conspiracy theory' that started three years ago.

Quinn is a conspiracy theorist who has been accused by prominent US politicians and A-list celebrities of being involved in child sexual abuse.

According to CNN, this is an attempt to weaken the regime of US President Donald Trump.

In three years, Quinn's followers also developed many contradictory theories. Last year, a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) official warned that followers of the QA could be involved in internal terrorism.

In August, President Trump praised Quinn's followers for their support. "I don't know much about it," he told a White House briefing. I realized that they liked me and supported me. I appreciate it. '

According to CNN, in August, Facebook shut down some of its Facebook and Instagram accounts promoting the Quinn conspiracy theory. The company also warned of a growing number of militias and anarchist groups.