Instagram is bringing a feature to hide bad comments

Instagram is bringing a feature to hide bad comments

Instagram is going to bring a feature to automatically hide objectionable comments. Instagram is about to bring this feature to reduce online abuse.

The company announced on Tuesday that it would test the feature on the occasion of the app's tenth anniversary.

At the event, Adam Moseri, head of Instagram, pledged to fight online abuse on his own.

According to the company, comments reported by users in the past were not seen by other users. In the same way, now bad comments will be hidden. If you want to see those comments, you can do so by clicking on 'View Hidden Comments'.

Instagram has identified bad comments using the company's AI system.

Instagram has previously made some efforts to reduce online abuse.

According to CNN Business, last year Apple introduced a feature called 'Restrict'. If someone has made a bad comment, only this person can see from this feature.

Also, in the old feature, before someone posted a bad comment, the app had the facility to suggest that the comment was offensive. Such a feature was an attempt to show people what they were going to do.

According to Instagram, the trend of writing such comments is decreasing after the app brought a warning feature.

The company says that the app will give more warnings if you make too many comments that hurt someone. After the warning, a 'notification' appears in the app and it suggests removing the bad comment.

The company has claimed that if someone does not remove the comment, the account of that person may be deleted.

Currently, users have the option to hide only comments that Facebook deems bad.