Learn how to use Microsoft's free JavaScript tutorial for beginners

Learn how to use Microsoft's free JavaScript tutorial for beginners

Microsoft Developer has brought a free JavaScript tutorial video to YouTube. He has previously offered free courses in Python.

The company has brought a free online video series for those who want to program in JavaScript.

There are 51 videos titled 'Beginners Series: Introduction to JavaScript Course'. Students who watch and practice all the videos can create a basic web application based on the basic concepts of JavaScript.

In the series, trainers have reached the inner level by using JavaScript in JavaScript frameworks such as Google's Angular and Software Development Kits SDK.

It also teaches you how to create a development environment from Microsoft Visual Studio Code and how to install JodeScript as a JavaScript runtime.

From this course, programmers will be able to know about the software library and package collection available in APM. At the end of the training, programmers will be guided through the process of creating their own 'Hello World' app.

From this course, Microsoft aims to explain to developers what is in the Azure Artificial Intelligence Service, such as Azure Cognitive Service and Azure Bot Framework.

Microsoft said that those who do not have knowledge of basic coding can participate in this tutorial. But for those who have a basic knowledge of programming language, it will be very easy and available to participate.