Facebook's Express WiFi service in Nepal in collaboration with WorldLink

Facebook's Express WiFi service in Nepal in collaboration with WorldLink

Facebook has launched Express WiFi service in Nepal. The service was launched in collaboration with WorldLink and Facebook.

 Express WiFi facility will be provided in 7,500 places in Nepal.

At a virtual press conference held on Thursday, WorldLink announced that it has collaborated with Facebook.

Facebook's Express WiFi project has already entered Nepal. The main objective of which is to provide cheap and high-speed internet facility to the general public.

In this project, which started in 2015, Facebook has now entered into a collaboration with an internet service provider in Nepal.

Facebook has launched the Express Wi-Fi service intending to help economic development by increasing internet access in developing and low-income countries.

These include seven countries in Africa, India, and Nepal in Asia, two in Southeast Asia, and two in South America.

Under this service, cheap, reliable, and high-speed public WiFi will be provided in Nepal.

WorldLink is currently providing public WiFi facility on ten thousand sites in Nepal. Punit Manandhar, WiFi project manager of WorldLink, said that the service is being provided through Facebook's WiFi on 7,500 sites.

Manandhar says that once the service recipient runs the company's network, they do not have to connect again to the place where the company has Wi-Fi.

To avail of this facility, the user has to enter his mobile number. And the company will be able to register by receiving the sending code.

According to the company, there is a plan to expand free Wi-Fi in 30,000 places in the country.

Dilip Agrawal, chairman and managing director of WorldLink, said that this facility is especially preferred for places where internet is not available.