Nokia launches Forge service on the moon in collaboration with NASA

Nokia launches Forge service on the moon in collaboration with NASA

NASA has chosen Nokia to build the first cellular network on the moon. The US space agency plans to launch a human settlement on the moon from 2024.

Who will arrange for humans to stay on the moon for a long time under its Artemis program? Nokia has announced that the first wireless broadband communication system will be installed on the lunar surface by the end of 2022.

The company will partner with Texas-based private craft design company Intuitive Machine. Which will take Nokia's devices to the moon.

The network will automatically configure and install Forge and LTE communication systems on the moon. According to Nokia, the purpose of this plan is to switch to FiveG. The network will allow astronauts to communicate voice and video.

The network is also claimed to be capable of deploying telemetry and biometric data exchanges, rovers, and other robotic devices and remotely controlling them. Nokia says the network will be designed to be able to cope with the difficult conditions of launching and landing on the moon.

For that, a hard shape, very compact will be prepared to meet the shortage of electricity. According to Nokia, Forge and LTE networks will be used instead of FiveG.

Because this technology has gained worldwide credibility in the last decade. However, the company also plans to roll out the post-LTE technology FiveG space application.

What is NASA's program Artemis?

Under the Artemis program, NASA will land the first woman and another man on the moon by 2024. Who will use new technology to detect the surface of more moons than previously thought?

For this, cooperation has been made with business and international partners. According to this program, people will find a place that has never been reached before and has never been seen before.

NASA says, ‘We are robotically returning to the moon. It will start next year and within four years we will send astronauts and create the conditions for a long stay there by the end of the decade.

NASA has provided the US  14.1 million to set up a Forge cellular network on the moon. This grant is provided by NASA's 'Tipping Point' selection.

June will be part of the 370 million. Its purpose is to advance advanced research and development for space exploration.

Announcing its agreement with Nokia, NASA said the system would support long-distance telecommunications to the lunar surface, increase speed and provide more reliability than current standards.

According to the United Press International, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a live broadcast that NASA should develop new technology as soon as possible to work for NASA to land on the moon.

"We need a power system that can stay on the surface of the moon for a long time," he said.

Bell Labs, Nokia's research arm, said the company was working on a social network to provide wireless support for rovers and navigation on the moon, as well as a network that could support video streaming.

This is not the first time Nokia has made such an effort. The company had earlier tried to launch an LT network on the moon.

In 2018, German space company PT Scientist and Vodafone UK planned to launch an LTE network at the Apollo 17 landing site. But the mission could not be completed.