Google will tell you how busy your destination is.

Google will tell you how busy your destination is. 

Users will soon be able to find information about busy places on Google Maps. From this, you can find out how busy a certain place is.

According to the company, this feature will soon be available for Android, iOS, and desktop users around the world. Next month, users will be able to use the Live View feature.

This is a feature that will help you find your way around the city using augmented reality (AR). From this, information on restaurants, stores, businesses, etc. can also be obtained.

Google will bring new changes to the map through the Search of 2020 event. Business features will also be available on the map.

Through which users will be able to share information about their engagement. With the help of this feature, users will be able to express how busy they are from anywhere.

The company had earlier made it public in 2016. Google said it was working to expand live engagement information around the world.

Its expansion will include important locations such as beaches, parks, outdoor areas, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, etc. According to Google, it is expected to help control the covid.

Android and iOS users will soon be able to use the Live View feature on Google Maps to learn more about the business. Also, Google Maps now has the Covid 19 info feature in the layer button.

With this feature, you will see the difference in the condition of the covid. It will give an average of how many new infections were added in a certain area in a period of seven days to one lakh people.

This will tell you if the number of corona infections is increasing or decreasing. This trending map data will show the country-level in 220 countries that support Google Maps. It has data from state to city level.