This is how to record a WhatsApp call

This is how to record a WhatsApp call

Conversations on several calls need to be recorded. But if you are on a WhatsApp call, something difficult happens.

But now you can record both audio and video calls on the messaging app WhatsApp. Today we are giving you tips on how to record WhatsApp calls.

On Android

If you use an Android smartphone, first download the Cube Call Recorder app.

After opening this app, go to your WhatsApp and call the person whose call you need to record.

If you see the Cube Call widget as soon as you make a call, it means that your WhatsApp call is being recorded. If the phone is showing an error, you need to open the Cube Call Recorder again.

Now go to the settings of the app and press Force VoIP on the voice call.

After doing so, restart the WhatsApp call. If the Cube Call Record widget does not appear this time, please note that this app does not support your phone.

For iPhone

If you use an iPhone and want to record WhatsApp calls on it, connect your iPhone to your Mac via a Lightning cable. After doing so, you have to press Trust on your iPhone to this computer.

If your phone is connected to a Mac, open QuickTime. Now go to its file section and you will see the option of new audio recording.

In this, you have to select the iPhone by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the record button. After doing so, you can record WhatsApp calls on your iPhone.