Can an Internet Service Provider View Your Online History?

Can an Internet Service Provider View Your Online History?

 With the increasing use of the internet in recent times, online privacy is becoming just as important. All you do now is connect to the Internet.

Is this the reason why someone is monitoring our sensitive information from the internet we are using? Many ask such questions.

Similarly, Internet service providers tend to be curious about whether users are browsing their browsing history. We are teaching information about it and ways to avoid it.

Even more important is the question of whether an Internet service provider can view your online history. Of course, if you are not safe, an Internet service provider may review your online history.

Internet service providers can see what you've searched for and what you've downloaded at any time. However, such issues are also determined by the law of the land. The most important role is where you live and what the laws of that country provide.

Even in Nepal, legal service providers are not allowed to view the user's online history. Min Prasad Aryal, spokesperson of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, a regulatory body, said that the provision of the license, as well as the provision in the Telecommunications Act, stipulates that the service provider will not be allowed to view the online history of any user.

"However, there is another provision in the law that requires the service provider to provide such information if necessary," he said.

On the one hand, it is said that you cannot view the history, but on the other hand, the provision that such information should be provided if requested by the government, it is clear that the service provider can view the user's online history.

However, the law stipulates that action will be taken if it is used elsewhere.

On the other hand, service providers are collaborating with various advertisers. There are a lot of statistics in the global environment that they are selling their user data while collaborating with advertising companies.

On the other hand, the service provider is monitoring your actions. Because if a user is downloading a large amount at once, there is a provision in Nepal to reduce your internet. This means that the user's work will be monitored from here.

This means that every device you use is monitored by your Internet Service Provider. But, you can stop it if you want.

How to stop

The most important way an Internet service provider can monitor your online history is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). When using a VPN, it encrypts your data by changing the server.

That's when your Internet Service Provider helps prevent you from viewing your data through your IP. But, a lot happens in a VPN too.

Your data may not be as secure as you might think with a free VPN. So it is better to use a good VPN even if you have to pay some money.

Also, the encrypted browser can be another option. Even using an encrypted browser will keep your data safe to some extent. Tor is an example of such a browser.

Recently, Safe Mode is also available in browsers including Brave and Chrome. Using this mode can be somewhat secure when using the Internet. However, when used in this way, the speed of the Internet can go up and down.