Hackers target the health sector, thus misusing sensitive information

Hackers target the health sector, thus misusing sensitive information

The incidence of cyber attacks and security breaches is on the rise worldwide. No area is untouched by such cyber attacks. But the health sector is a very sensitive area, which is often the target of cyberattacks.

Because in the health sector, many people can get health data and research information which is very valuable in the black market.

Some recent studies have shown that the health sector faces a significant number of cyber-attacks. Hackers have been tampering with networks and systems to steal medical data.

That kind of data can be used to sell and misuse foreign institutions. Patient data can be sold to criminal gangs as well as various illegal transactions using such data.

If organizations working in the health sector have digitized patient data and statistics, they should be very vigilant. Because data breach can cause big problem damage.

For example, according to the Hippa Journal, Massachusetts-based South Thor Hospital had to pay a 750,000 fine for failing to protect the data of 80,000 patients.

According to a report by Beazley Bridge Insight, the health sector in the United States suffered the most data breach incidents in 2018 compared to other regions.

Similarly, in 2019, the health sector was the most targeted by hackers. In which the details of millions of patients worth about one billion dollars were leaked.

By the end of 2019, many Australian hospitals were suffering from data breaches. Many healthcare providers in Southwest Virginia and Gippsland lost their details of illness and administrative work.

Similarly, during the Covid 19 era, the health sector is still a big target of attackers. Last February, the UK-based Hammersmith Medicine Research HMR team, which was researching a vaccine for the coronavirus, reportedly encountered a cyber breach.

Last March, hackers targeted the World Health Organization, but without success. Because the organization was initially able to detect the organization's email system being targeted by hackers.

Cybersecurity challenges in the health sector

According to Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Research Report, most hacks are for money. Hackers use simple means to obtain such information. As a result, many common health threats are at risk. Such as

Malware and ransomware

In it, cybercriminals use malware and ransomware to shut down health organization devices, servers, and entire networks. After encrypting all the data from ransomware, they ask for a ransom to remove such encryption.

Weak applications and storage

Some healthcare organizations use vulnerable and unsafe security patches to record and store their medical data, which can be easily misused by hackers.

Cloud threat

The trend of storing details and data in the cloud is on the rise. But without proper data encryption, the cloud can become an attack spot.

Misleading website

Cybercriminals always create sites that are similar to popular websites. This confuses the user.

Phishing attack

Attackers send emails from seemingly popular and official sites to kill sensitive data.

Encryption blind spot

When encryption is important to protect health data, hackers can avoid the detection tool by creating blind spots.

Employee error

Weak passwords, unencrypted devices, and staff failed to adhere to the rules can put the health sector at risk.

To avoid this type of cyber risk, health agencies should increase the sensitivity of the data in the health sector and the awareness of cybersecurity among their employees.

Also, any healthcare provider should have a clear plan on how to deal with security challenges.

Any security vulnerabilities should be addressed immediately. The system can also be partnered with security research companies to provide security at all times.


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