Here are 6 new features of Android Eleven that will make your diary easier

Here are 6 new features of Android 11 that will make your diary easier

 Android Eleven based handsets are entering the global market. At the same time, many features are being added to the smartphone based on the operating system of the eleven versions.

These features are so powerful and useful that it has even changed the way you use the phone. Some of these new features have already been rolled out by Apple.

But some new features have helped to take Android even further than the iPhone. With the new Android version, the Google Assistant tool, which is considered to be a strong competitor of Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, has become even more powerful.

Today we will tell you about 6 new updates and interesting features that came with the new Android Eleven.

Google Assistant working with third-party apps

With Android Eleven, users will now be able to take the help of the Google Assistant tool even in third-party apps.

Previously, Google Assistant could only work on Google's applications on Android phones, but Apple's Siri could also control all kinds of third-party apps.

Google Assistant recently announced partnerships with 30 third-party apps, including Walmart, Mint, Spotify, Etsy, and Discord. The company says it will continue to partner with more apps in the coming days.

Caller verification call verification

Now some new updates have been added to Android's phone call app, with the help of which the caller of the phone coming from an unknown number can be identified. If a call comes to your Android Eleven phone from a number identified by Google as a fake number, it will block such calls.

The company has also introduced the Verified Call feature. In which when you call someone, the name and logo of your organization will also appear together.

Android turns noise into push notifications

If your home has a micro-web, a fire alarm or someone outside the house is ringing a bell, but you haven't heard the sound, Android's new sound notification feature will send all those sounds to your phone as notifications.

This new feature uses machine learning and the phone's microphone. It recognizes 10 different types of sounds. A similar sound recognition feature has been added to Apple's iOS Forten.

To turn it on in Android, you need to go to Settings, tap Accessibility, and enable Sound Notifications.

Google TV on Android

Android TV has recently been rebranded and updated as Google TV. This TV has been rolled out on Android devices with new and old features.

One of the biggest changes Google TV has made is that it can search for many profiles on TV, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Live TV.

When you say 'Hey Google, Find Action Movies, So My Sky Fi Adventure TV Show', the results are as you wish.

Screen sharing and video voice mail in Google Duo

There is good news for those who use Google's Duo Mobile Only video calling service to communicate with family. Now you can also send video voice mail with screen sharing and captions.

Such a feature is not yet available in Apple's FaceTime. Tap the three-dot button in the bottom right corner to share the screen. Then after tapping the screen share, a popup appears that you share sensitive information in the call.

Now tap Start Now. To leave a video message, wait 60 seconds until the call is unanswered, or press Live in a video message while it is ringing.

Follow the on-screen prompts and tap Send. The caption is automatically added.

The Action Block app converts images into sentences

The new Action Block app converts it into short vocabulary using pictures or gestures. Google says it is an artificial voice for people with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, aphasia, and other voice problems.

Download it from Google Play Store to use it. A similar app is available in the App Store on Apple.