Pakistan lifts ban on TikTok 11 days later

Pakistan lifts ban on TikTok 11 days later

 Pakistan lifts ban on Tiktok app The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority lifted the ban on TikTok 11 days later.

Pakistan's regulator has said the ban on the app was lifted after coordination with TikTok management. Pakistan has banned video-sharing platforms for spreading obscenity, immorality, and indecency.

"The lifting of the ban does not mean that the platform will allow pornography, indecency, and social values ​​to be corrupted," the authority said. "This issue will be strictly enforced."

This is not the first time Pakistan has interfered with digital content. This year, Pakistan introduced new rules for Internet censorship. But Pakistan backed away from enforcing the rule after Facebook, Google and TikTok threatened to leave the country.