how to hide your secret chat on WhatsApp

Here's how to hide your secret chat on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently the most secure and widely used messaging app. Although most people chat on the app, there are some chats that we don't want anyone else to see.

Today we are giving you tips on how to hide secret chat on WhatsApp.

Do this

First of all, open WhatsApp.

Then hold down the chat you want to hide for a while.

Now tap on the Archive option at the top. After doing so, your chat will not be visible when you open WhatsApp.

What to do on the iPhone?

Open your WhatsApp for iPhone first.

Swipe right to the chat you want to hide.

As soon as you swipe to the right, the Archive option will appear, click on it.

Doing so will hide your chat.

How to retrieve a hidden chat?

Open WhatsApp to retrieve hidden chats.

Now go to the bottom of the screen.

There you will see the Archive option. Press on it.

You can see the Unarchive option as soon as you hold down the archive for a while. Tap on it.

This way, the chat in your archive will now appear in the main chat box as before.