There are such fears when revealing the date of birth on social media, how to hide it?

There are such fears when revealing the date of birth on social media, how to hide it?

Happy Birthday to you on social media. That's why we're making our date of the birth public on our social media account.

But your date of birth, which is public on social media, can put you at risk for identity theft, fraud, and forgery.

There are many ways to take advantage of your identity. There are only three things that scammers can do to steal your identity: name, date of birth, and address.

If these three things are obtained, the risk of scammers committing the following criminal activities remains high.

You and your family can easily associate with friends.

Can cheat in your name.

Can access your banking and wallet account.

You can open utility accounts like phone, internet, and electricity in your name.

You can get medical treatment on your health insurance.

They can take advantage of your tax refund.

You can get a driving license and ID in your name.

In case of arrest, they can write your name instead of yours.

You can send your email yourself.

Most users keep information like their name, date of birth, and address in their social media accounts. Many people do not care that such details are misused.

Is the date of birth a public statement?

Generally, people do not consider it necessary to keep the date of birth secret. Even if we look at the system and practice of our country, it is considered as a public record of a person.

In government work, we are indiscriminately mentioning our date of birth. The date of birth is also mentioned in our sensitive details.

But just because it is a public record of a person does not mean that any organization can provide sensitive information like the date of birth of a person to anyone.

Also, people should think seriously about this issue from their level and try to keep their details secret on social media platforms so that not everyone can access them.

How to hide birth dates on social media?

The best solution is to break your fears or problems into a series of smaller steps. Change the year if you want to keep the date of birth. If this seems to make it easier to estimate your age, set a date a few days before or after your actual date of birth.

When posting on such social networks, do not post signs that indicate your age or age. Don't even have a picture of birthday parties. If someone has revealed your date of birth in a post or comment, delete it too.

But if you have already revealed your date of birth on Facebook and various social media accounts, here's how to hide it.


Click your name at the top left of your news feed.

Click the About button next to your profile. Select Contact and Basic Info in the left-hand menu.

Now keep scrolling down. Find out if there is a birth date or birth year. Then click the Edit button to the right of the description you would like to change.

Use the drop-down menu to change your date of birth. There you will see the audience selector set the date of birth.

Now finally click on Save Changes.


First, open your Twitter app.

Go to your profile and tap on the Edit Profile button there.

Tap on the Birth Date section there.

Now select or change your date of birth, month, year. But to use such apps, you have to cross a certain age group, so set the date of birth to match the age group.

You can also review or change the visibility setting of the date of birth. There you can see two visibility settings. One controls the visibility of your birth year and the other controls the visibility of your birth month and day. If it is on the web, click on the visibility icon and if it is on a smartphone, you can change the setting by going to Hu Si Dis. To find out more about visibility settings on Twitter, go here.

You can make changes by clicking Save Changes on the Web or by tapping Done and by clicking the Save button on your smartphone.

Here's how to remove the date of birth from a profile

Sign in to or open the iOS and Android app.

Go to your profile and tap on the Edit Profile button.

Now click on the Birth Date section.

On the web, you can change the date of birth only after changing the date of birth, month, or year. But on a smartphone, you can tap on the Remove Birth Date option.

Click Save Changes on the web or tap Done and tap Save on a smartphone.

 Do this to hide the date of birth in LinkedIn

1. Click on the Me icon at the top of LinkedIn's homepage.

2. Go to view profile.

3. Click on the C contact info on your introduction card.

4. Now in the Contact Info pop-up window, click the Edit icon.

5. In the Edit Contact Info popup window, delete the details in Birthday.

6. Click on Birthday Visible Tuma and select the following options.

Only you - you can only see for yourself

Your connection - only people directly connected to you can see.

Your Network - Linked-in users who are three degrees away from you can see.

All Linked-in Members - All LinkedIn users will see.

7. After doing so, click on Save.

Apart from these, you can change the date of birth and month from your profile.

Do this to hide the date of birth in Google account

Open your Google Account.

Select 'Your Personal Info' under 'Personal Info and Privacy.

Select the details you want to change.

Then keep working on the processes shown on the screen.

Do this to hide the date of birth on the Instagram account.

Go to your profile

Tap Edit Profile.

Type in your information and tap Done on the smartphone. Click Submit on a computer or mobile browser.

Do this to hide the date of birth on Skype

Open your profile on Skype.

Find the Birthday field within the Personal Information option.

Fill in the false details there and click save.

Now refresh the page. Now put your unreal date of birth there.

Similarly, don't forget to make your little ones active on social media aware of this.