Keep in mind, tips to take care of when the phone gets wet with rain water

 Keep in mind, tips to take care of when the phone gets wet with rain water

It is raining all over the country now. This is also the time for farming. While going out for some special work, the phone may fall into the water. Most of today's smartphones are water resistant.

But that does not mean water proof. A small mistake can damage your phone. However, if you take some precautions, you can save the phone from malfunctioning.

What to do if the phone falls into water?

As soon as the phone falls into water, the first thing to do is try to remove it as quickly as possible. Then switch off the phone without turning it on.

If your mobile has a cover or a removable battery, remove it. However, do not make the mistake of pressing any other buttons of the mobile phone randomly. Because doing so may cause a short circuit in the phone.

What should be remembered is that you should not try to dry the phone submerged in water by bringing a hot object or drying it using a dryer. By doing this, the electronic parts of the mobile may be damaged.

Instead, wipe the phone with a soft clean cloth and try to suck the water out slowly with your mouth so that water does not enter from the SIM slot, charging port and earphone jack on the mobile phone.

Do not forcefully blow inwards. By doing this, it can also enter the mobile phone. The most popular way among us is to keep the phone in rice. Since rice absorbs water, this method can definitely help. However, even rice cannot absorb all the water inside the phone.

If the water does not come out completely, it can cause another problem. Moreover, small grains of rice can enter through the port of the phone. For this, you can wrap the phone in a tissue paper and keep it in a bag of rice.

But sometimes the problem can be serious. In such a case, it is better to go to the nearest mobile shop and show your phone. Apart from this, Apple and Samsung have also given their own suggestions on what to do when the phone falls into water.

What does Apple say?

Remove your iPhone from water and turn it off. Wipe with a soft and lint-free cloth.

Gently shake the phone with the charging port facing downwards to expel the water

Keep your iPhone in a dry place. The fan can also be used in the charging port of the iPhone. And wait at least five hours.

Turn on the iPhone after five hours. If there is a problem even then, show it to the technician.

Click here to read Apple's recommendations in detail.

Samsung's suggestion

Samsung has also suggested the same solution as Apple.

Take the phone out of the water and turn it off.

Wipe with a dry towel or clean cloth.

Keep the phone in a well ventilated place or in a cool place.

As Apple has suggested for the iPhone, Samsung has not fixed the waiting time. In addition, Samsung suggests that it is best to show the phone to a technician as there may be water inside even if the phone is turned on after adopting home remedies.