These are the suggestions given by Altman who created ChatGPT to manage companies and groups

 These are the suggestions given by Altman who created ChatGPT to manage companies and groups

The most famous person in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Sam Altman. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT. He was expelled from the company without even being a board member and has returned to the role of CEO. As a start-up company made waves in the world, Altman was somehow in the role. He has given some suggestions about running a company and group management. which is:

Finding balance when managing people

Altman believes that people should be challenged to achieve more than they expect. But do not challenge them so much that they leave the company. Similarly, he believes that the structure of the company is not an obstacle to prevent the employees from working well.

Do not meet more than necessary

Altman wrote on his blog that he limits the time he spends in meetings or conferences. But he says that space should also be given to mingle with new people or ideas. According to him, one hour meeting is the worst time. He said that instead of that, a short sweet meeting lasting 15-20 minutes would be better or a meeting with a long in-depth conversation of more than two hours would be better.

Be brief and to the point

Altman emphasizes clear and concise communication. He believes that it would be a great thing to explain the same thing in 30 seconds instead of talking for five minutes. He says that he also writes short but clear emails.

Delegating tasks thoughtfully

Altman suggests delegating any tasks wisely to someone else. Reminding that he cannot be 'productive' in something he does not like, he cautions others that the same can happen. Similarly, he said that everyone will work well in work that is fun, and he suggests that when giving work to others, you should give it to others with consideration.

Prioritize tasks according to importance

Altman says that priority should be emphasized to work effectively. He himself uses three main ideas for this. They are, 1. Focusing on important work, 2. Do not waste time on less important tasks and 3. Create multiple to-do lists. He says that in order to stay focused on work, make a daily, monthly and yearly to-do list.

Spend more time selecting the right person

According to Altman, when a company spends time on hiring, it's like an investment. His advice is to invest time in finding talented people who have the ability and strong will to learn. He says that he is always in search of people who are not getting much opportunity despite being skilled.