Data leaks of nearly 2.3 million users of dating apps

Data leaks of nearly 2.3 million users of dating apps

The data of millions of users of the popular dating site Mitmindful has been leaked on the internet. A notorious hacker has recently leaked sensitive data of 2.28 million users of the site's mobile app.

The hackers have shared the data of the dating site for free download on the hacking forum so that the public can access it.

The 1.2 GB size data was in the site's user database. The leaked data contains all the details that the user has to keep before signing up for the web and app version of the site.

These include real name, email address, address and zip details, physical details, marital status, date of birth, IP address, cryptocurrency account password, Facebook user ID, Facebook authentication token, etc.

But the leaked file does not contain the message exchanged between the users. However, security experts have been warned not to ignore the incident.

The Mitmindful site has not yet commented. A well-known black hat hacker named 'Saini Hunters' has released the data.

Last week alone, he leaked tens of millions of details registered with Tespring.