European Parliament interrogation of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google

European Parliament interrogation of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google

The world's largest technology companies, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, have come under scrutiny from European Union (EU) lawmakers. The hearing is set to take place on February 1 at the EU headquarters in Brussels.

Where the CEOs of the mentioned technology companies have been invited. Currently, American companies dominate the technology world.

The hearing is being held with a plan to break the dominance. Europe has put forward a new European Commission proposal to create an environment of healthy competition among technology companies and to control fake news and harmful content spread online.

The European Parliament is due to give its opinion on the proposal by next month. The European Parliament is set to question the CEO of the technology giant for the same opinion.

The letter sent by the parliament to the CEOs states that they understand the current business model of the company and its future plans.