What is prompt engineering that has emerged with artificial intelligence, what is the career like?

What is prompt engineering that has emerged with artificial intelligence, what is the career like?

With the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT last year, it started to be used in every field. Similarly, new artificial intelligence (AI) tools have been developed for various purposes. Along with this, there is talk that AI will take away jobs.

But let's say the positive side of AI, this is the reason why a new job has been born. Some consider it a fundamental skill of the AI age. This is Prompt Engineering.

Prompt engineering has started to be discussed as AI has started to gain popularity. That is why the discussion of prompt engineering and AI has become parallel.

Similarly, the news that companies have given attractive salaries to prompt engineers has also come out.

What is the prompt?

Before understanding about prompt engineering, it is necessary to understand about 'prompt'. Its role is significant in Large Language Models (LLM) AI, Generative AI. The user communicates with the AI with the help of prompts.

A shorter form of text is more prompt than plain language. Prompts guide the LLM AI to write text, translate languages, write different content and answer user questions. The user uses an input or query to get the desired response or answer from the AI, that is the prompt.

The prompt can be a few words or even a paragraph. It can also be simple and very complex. 'Writing a poem about a cat' can be considered a simple prompt, while 'Writing a prose poem about a black cat lost in the forest' is a complex prompt. However, both of these prompts work.

But since the second one is a bit more complex and has more details, the result is comparatively better than the first one. Therefore, to get exactly what you want, it is necessary to have an excellent prompt design. The work of designing prompts is known as prompt engineering. To know more about this, it is necessary to be clear about the additional concept of prompt.

Basics of prompts

Even using simple prompts will get results. But the result may not be as good as you think. This is why prompts need to be the same for best results.

Prompts usually include information, instructions. Apart from these, references, inputs or examples may also be included. You can easily get what you are looking for only from the prompt that has all these.

Format of the prompt

Different formats or methods can be used to create excellent prompts. Usually, the prompt contains 'Question' and 'Instruction'. This is called Question Answering (QA) format. It is considered to be the basic format of the prompt. There are other forms under this.

'Zero Shot Prompting' is one such. This is a format in which LLMs are recruited without any training or examples. The same is another, few shot prompting (Few-shot prompting).

LLM is allowed to complete the work only by giving some examples. In 'Check of Thought Prompting', instructions are given from several Ota prompts. But all those prompts are related or connected to each other.

But the thing to think about is that it is not necessary to use only these patterns for prompts. Apart from these, there are many patterns. The format can be used according to the type of work.

Element of prompt

What is needed to become a prompt is considered its element. Specifically, its elements are as follows:

Instructions: Commands given for specific tasks to be performed by the AI model

Reference: Additional information to make the model work effectively

Input Data: Material provided to obtain a desired or sought response

Output indicator: type or pattern of results

It is not necessary to use all these four elements to create a prompt. It can be used according to the type of work.

Prompt Engineering

From the above paragraphs we have come to know about prompts. Prompts are a means of communicating with the AI model while repeating. Similarly, trying to make the best prompt is prompt engineering.

In short, prompt engineering is a new concept born in the field of AI. It is processed in natural language. It contains the details of the work to be done by AI.

It requires the best choice of words, paragraphs, symbols and format. Only then will the AI give a classy and relevant answer. If you're using ChatGPT, you've probably already considered this. like; Writing prompts such as Please, tell me human history and Please, tell me human history in three paragraphs elicit different responses.

Thus prompt engineers create prompts to make the AI give the best answers. This improves the machine's ability to deliver results.

Prompt engineering is very important for AI. It helps to understand and use LLM AI more effectively.

Prompt engineering is also used to improve the ability of LLM by solving simple to complex problems. Therefore, designing prompts to instruct LLM to act is prompt engineering.

Prompt Engineering: A New Career

As new AI tools are being developed, prompt engineering has started to be considered as a popular tech job. It is also becoming an emerging and creative sector.

Being proficient in this, LLMs can train AIs, get more answers from them, improve weaknesses. Therefore, companies have started hiring prompt engineers with attractive salaries.

Now there are news that many companies are giving 6 digit salary to prompt engineer. In particular, prompt engineers work on developing prompts for AI systems and improving the system.

However, the prompt is to instruct the AI on what to do. It is basically written in natural language. However, it is also written in technical format.

Role of Prompt Engineer

Prompt engineers work on AI systems like LLM, machine translation system, image recognition system. To develop effective prompts, they need to have a deep understanding of how these systems work.

This work is both challenging and attractive. Because they have to work on innovative and complex AI research to develop new AI applications.

For this, they need to be creative and proficient in human language. However, according to the company/organization, the prompt engineer's job may be different. But the common task of all prompt engineers is to improve the output of the machine.

What to do to become a prompt engineer?

To become a prompt engineer you need to have some technical skills. Apart from this, soft skills (other than technical skills) should also be there. Below is a brief outline of what it takes to become a prompt engineer:

- Analytical and problem solving skills

-Technical experience in Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Apache Spark etc.).

- Proficiency in programming languages like Java, C++, Python

-Experience in AI tools and data analysis

-Knowledge about AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning etc.

Where to learn prompt engineering?

Nowadays, various resources about prompt engineering can be found online. From where you can learn about prompt engineering. This skill is useful not only for working in an AI company, but also for oneself.

Deep Learning AI offers free prompt engineering classes. Engineers of Open AI themselves give classes in this. Similarly, there are many other platforms like GitHub, Learn Microsoft, Help Open AI, Learn Prompting, from where you can learn prompt engineering for free.