Do you know the meaning of Android?

 Do you know the meaning of Android?

Android is the most used smartphone in Nepal. As it is cheap, this phone is within the reach of many people.

Android phones are available in Nepal starting from 9/10 thousand rupees and costing about 245 thousand rupees. You can get different quality and features according to the price.

You or someone else in your family must have an Android phone. But do you know the meaning of Android smartphone? Today we are discussing this topic.

What is the meaning of Android?

Android is gender specific and refers to a person whose appearance resembles that of a male robot. If we talk about its female version, it is called Gynoid.

A gynoid looks exactly like a woman. Which is used in film, art and science. There have been several versions of Android so far and the latest version is Android 14.

Which will be rolled out for everyone next August. Android operating system is prepared by Google. The company rolled out the first commercial Android version (Android 1.0) on 23 September 2008.