25 years of Google, this is the journey from search engine to artificial intelligence

25 years of Google, this is the journey from search engine to artificial intelligence

Google, the king of search engines, was founded 25 years ago today. September 4, when Google was launched, is celebrated as the company's foundation day. Google is being used on the Internet in the same way that fuel or energy is used to drive a vehicle.

As the content on the Internet increased, so did the desire of users to find content in an easy and simple way. Today, Internet is used in one way or another for most of the work. Even if the search feature is removed from the Internet, the debate about the existence of the Internet will begin.

Apart from that, if there is no search engine, we will not be able to find the content that is suitable for us. Google is at the forefront when it comes to content searches. There are also many other platforms that have search engine features. However, Google is the platform that provides the most suitable and reliable facilities to the users. That's why Google is more famous than other platforms.

Google is as grand as it is today, but it wasn't as grand in its early days. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were studying PhD at Stanford University, rented the space of another friend, Susan Wojeski, and advanced their search engine project. Later, Susan became Google's first marketing manager. Along with that, she is currently active as the chief executive of YouTube.

In 2019, Larry Page and Brin issued a joint statement from the position of executive officer and chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet. "When we moved our servers from a dorm room to a garage, we couldn't imagine the journey ahead," they wrote in the statement. The garage refers to the place where Larry Google, the founder of Google, started the Google search engine project.

In 1998, six Google employees, Harry, created the company's workspace video tool. Larry Page's computer can be seen in that video. Page and Brin rented the garage to Wazewski, paying $1,700 a month in rent. At the time, Wajeski was working in Intel's marketing department.

In 2019, Wojeski said in an interview, “I was worried about how to manage the rent of my space. So I was ready to rent the garage to any student. At that moment, two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, arrived. They are the founders of Google, but at that time they were just students.”

Wazewski left her Intel job to join Google as their 16th employee as their company prospered. Later they moved to Palo Alto when they needed a bigger space. Google's current headquarters is located in Googleplex Mountain View California. Google has spread over 2 million square feet in that area.

But they didn't leave the garage just yet. While celebrating its history, Google purchased 1900 square feet of land in the area in 2006. Various reports have mentioned that the company has spent 1.3 million dollars for that. Later, to celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2013, Google opened the garage and Wojeski was asked to give a speech.

"Whatever changes at Google now, we on its core team are the same," Wojeski said at the press conference. About five years later, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Google recreated the garage as it looked in 1998. And, for those who want to explore the area, it has brought the facility for everyone to explore from the street view of Google Maps.

Google did not limit itself to search engines only. Realizing the needs of people with the growth of the Internet, Google introduced services like Google Play for Android operating system, digital content and apps. As the company expanded, Google was also involved in various controversies.

Despite all these challenges, YouTube, which has good potential in the market, has taken ownership of AI-powered virtual assistants.

Recently, after the discussion of AI chatbots like ChatGPT increased, Google released its own AI based AI chatbot Bard. Similarly, considering the popularity of AI, Google is ahead in the campaign to connect hundreds of its services to AI. Apart from that, the company is now active in hundreds of fields, modifying itself according to time.