Is it not possible to use Facebook and Instagram without paying?

Is it not possible to use Facebook and Instagram without paying?

A few days ago, a news about Facebook came out in the international media. The news published by the New York Times on September 1 mentioned that Meta plans to bring paid versions of Facebook and Instagram to Europe.

The New York Times published the news based on information provided by three people close to Meta. According to the media, if Meta introduces such a service, users who pay a fee will not see ads on Facebook and Instagram. As this is very sensitive information, the magazine did not mention the source.

Apart from that, the company is said to be coming up with such a plan in response to European Union policy and a court decision to ban Meta's data-collection practices. The news also mentions that the free version of the app with ads will continue.

It is said in the news that Meta is going to take such steps to increase income, improve user experience, increase user engagement and work more on data security. The New York Times tried to understand this with Meta's spokesperson. However, it is said in the news that no official notification has come from the company.

Users of Tiktok and Facebook started analyzing this news in their own way. Some have posted TikTok videos and Facebook posts saying that Facebook and Instagram can only be used by paying a fee.

Meta has not officially confirmed whether it is going to bring this feature or not. That is why many rumors have been spread on social media.

What is reality?

According to a company source told the New York Times, this feature is only planned to be introduced by Meta. It is said that it is only going to be brought to European users so far. Even if such a facility comes, there is no obligation to pay the fee.

Users can use this feature if they want to view ad-free Facebook and Instagram feeds. However, even if you don't pay the fee, it doesn't mean you can't use Facebook or Instagram. As you are using Facebook or Instagram now, you can use it later. Therefore, it is mentioned in the news that the user will not have to pay the fee.

Currently, X, known as Twitter, has brought such a feature. Especially after the company was led by Elon Musk, he brought the feature of the paid version more into the limelight. The then Twitter Blue subscription was named Premium and Verified by the company. The company claims that when using this feature for a fee, users will see fewer ads than others.

Apart from that, X has provided other premium features for paying users. However, users who do not pay the fee are not deprived of using the platform. Therefore, it is assumed that Meta is also going to adopt the same policy.