Routine of Nepal Banda Facebook page, thread and Instagram disappeared

Routine of Nepal Banda Facebook page, thread and Instagram disappeared

The popular Facebook page in Nepal, Routine of Nepal, has been closed. The owner of the page, Victor Paudel, posted a post on Facebook and said that he was going to take a bold decision.

Soon after his post, Routine of Nepal stopped appearing on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. But till the time of preparing this news on Tiktok, YouTube, X (Twitter), mobile app and website, Routine of Nepal was still closed.

However, it is not clear what is the relationship between his post and the topic of removing Routine of Nepal from social media. When trying to talk to Victor Paudel about this matter, he was unable to get in touch.

On Sunday, Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen)'s post saying that he has a daughter's advantage became controversial. After Mayor Balen threatened to set fire to Singha Darbar on Saturday night, the issue was dragged into a heated debate on social media.

The post made by Routine of Nepal about daughter benefits was cut by some people to protect Balen. The routine of Nepal has suddenly disappeared for the first time.

It is also yet to be clarified whether the routine of Nepal has been closed permanently or has been temporarily deactivated. In another post, Paudel, the owner, mentioned that he did not open the page for any selfish reasons. "There is no need to attack anymore," he continued expressing his displeasure, "Now I am free...let me be alone."

But he did not clearly disclose whether he called the criticism on social media an attack or whether there was any kind of physical threat.

In the last post he made, it seems that the page has not been deleted but has been kept in an unpublished state. It is still possible that it can be published at any time if its administrator and owner want.

The Facebook page of Routine of Nepal Band had more than 41 lakh followers and more than 37 lakh likes. However, the page was one of the most engaged in Nepal.

Update: Routine of Nepal's X (Twitter) account has also been removed.