From measuring surface angles to tossing, use Google's search box like this

From measuring surface angles to tossing, use Google's search box like this

  Although the Google search box looks simple, millions of websites are searched daily from it. Google search also has such secret features, which can be very useful in our daily life.

Today we are telling you about 11 such interesting tricks of Google search.

1) Pacman Doodle

If you have to play any game on Google, you can get the most interesting game Pac Man Doodle. For that go to google search and search for PAC-MAN Doodle.

After doing this, Pacman Doodle will open. You can play the game by pressing the play button.


2) To roll the dice

One of the most interesting tricks of the Google search box is rolling the dice. You have to choose a number yourself, but if you are finding it difficult to choose a number, you can resort to it.

For that, go to Google's search bar. And search for 'Roll a Die'. Then choose what kind of dice you want to roll.

And finally press the roll button. If you do this, the dice will rotate and the number that comes up will appear on the screen.


3) Grammar check

Google search also has a grammar checking feature. It is not suitable for Nepali sentences.

If you are writing in English and you suspect that there is a grammatical error in the sentence or letter you have written, you can follow the procedure below.

First, paste the sentence you wrote in the Google search box. Then search by typing "Check Grammar" behind that sentence. After that, if the grammar in the sentence is incorrect, Google will show the correct sentence.


4) Measurement of surface angle

A bubble level feature is provided in Google to measure how many degrees any surface is tilted. This feature does not work on laptops or desktops.

Because it does not have the necessary sensors for this feature. To measure the angle of any surface, go to the Google Search icon on mobile.

Then search by typing "bubble level". After doing this, the surface where the phone is placed is tilted, the bubble will be absorbed there.


5) Play Solitaire

Solitaire is a game that can be played online on Google. To play the classical card game solitaire first go to google search.

And search by typing "Play Solitaire". After that, you can play this game by tapping on the play button.


6) Listen to the beat

If you want to give your brain some rest, search by typing "metronome" in Google search. After searching, Metronomy's page will open.

By default, 100 bits per minute is set. If you press the play button, the beat will start playing.

That bit can be increased or decreased as needed. A minimum of 40 bits per minute can be played and a maximum of 218 bits per minute can be played.


7) Breathing exercises

You may not know how long to exhale and how long to inhale for breathing exercises. You can do breathing exercises by using the 'breathing exercise' feature of Google search.

For that, first search by typing breathing exercise in Google search. Then click on the video play pause button below.

And when the white part increases, inhale and when it decreases, exhale. In this way you can do breathing exercises.


8) Eager to learn new things? Do this


If you want to learn something new or want to know about any subject, Google search can be suitable for you. For that, search by typing I'm feeling curious in Google search.

Google will then ask you questions on various interesting topics. Then you can prepare your own answer.

Within a short time after the question is received, Google will put the answer to that question below. By doing this, you can learn new things about science, history, literature, language, religion, etc.


9) Set the timer

Not all phones may have a timer feature. However, the process of using it may seem complicated and complicated.

Alternatively, you can use the timer feature of Google Search. For that first go to google search and search for timer.

After doing this there is a time set. Tap on the time option and select the time you want to set and tap on the start button. This is how the timer starts.


10) To toss a coin

There is a tradition of coin tossing when various sports start. In all cases you may not have coins. Then you can use Google's flip a coin trick.

To use this feature, search by typing Flip a coin in the Google search box. Then the coin starts spinning.

After some time one of the coin heads or tails appears. You can click on Flip Again option to start again.


11) Know the chords

Google search provides a feature to know the tuning (chord) of any instrument. For that go to google search and search by typing Turner.

After this, it will be seen under which chord the melody you played falls under.