Why are Apple's features made public later than Android?

Why are Apple's features made public later than Android?

When Apple unveils a new feature for its products, every Android user has the same argument, this feature has already come to Android. The iPhone always copies the features that came with Android. Many such comments are made. Why is it that Apple is slow to release its features?

Like every year, Apple's World Wide Developers Conference was held on June 8 this year. In which the company unveiled new features for its users. This year, Apple has unveiled many more features for its users, including iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and macOS Monterey.

Although these features were made public as new to iCloud devices, many of the features were familiar. That is, most of the features are already being used by Android users. So this is nothing new. Every time Apple's features come after other brands and some features seem to be copied.

However, every time Apple claims that its feature is better and more reliable than others. IOS 15 has more new features than iOS 14. One of them is the feature, live text. Which has the feature of image recognition. Using live text, you can easily find a place or any other information across a picture.

Similarly, under this feature, the user can convert the letters in any picture into text. Whether handwritten or printed text, the text in any picture can be copied by long pressing (pressing a few times) and pasting to your liking.

Remember, Google has brought this feature to the market for Android users in 2017 through Google Lens. However, a new feature in the live text is that users can easily make a direct call by simply long-pressing the phone number in any picture. While in Google Lens you have to copy and paste any text.

The FaceTime of iOS 15 also includes features like special audio, background blur, portrait mode, microphone mode, and more. Another feature that came with iOS 15 shares play. Using Share Play, users can share their screens during face time. We've been using the screen share feature in apps like Google Meet and Zoom before.

But in the face time of iOS 15, through share play, users will be able to watch videos on their mobiles, listen to songs and watch any TV shows. Similarly, with the help of playback control, any person in face time can pause a song or video and play it again. Similarly, users will be able to share their face time links with others. Other people can connect to the video call via the link. This means that Android users will now be able to connect to FaceTime.

Apple has also introduced on-device voice recognition this time around. Which can also be used offline. Google has been providing this feature through Google Assistant since 2016. IOS 15 also has a photo memory feature, which is exactly the same as Google's memory feature, but this time Apple has made a lot of changes to its Apple Map. Where 3D model landmarks are used.

At first glance, the so-called new features that Apple has unveiled have been used somewhere on our Android phones. So the question that always comes up is why does Apple release its features later than other brands? The simplest answer is Apple's device ecosystem.

Apple's innovation focuses specifically on its device ecosystem. All of Apple's devices are connected to each other. Not only does this make it easier to use the Apple device, but it also allows the user to easily break into the Apple device ecosystem. For example, if a user likes an AirPad very much, he cannot use that AirPad without an iPhone.

AirPod with iPhone or iMessage, AirDrop with MacBook. These are all interconnected. Not only that but the features of each of Apple's devices are also connected to each other. For example, in iOS 15, Apple has introduced a new feature for notifications, "Focus Mode". Of course, other Android phones also have a lot of great features for notifications.

IOS 15's focus mode has the facility to control the notifications received by the user. The iPhone will now have four new modes: Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, and Slip modes. If the user has set their focus mode to work, they will only receive notifications related to their work. This feature is also available on other Android phones. But Apple's feature is that the feature set on the iPhone will be activated on other iCloud devices as well.

This means that if the user has set the work mode on the iPhone, he will only receive notifications related to his work on other iCloud devices. Similarly, only work-related messages will come in iMessage.

This time Apple has linked iMessage with Apple News. If someone sends the user a link to a news or article in iMessage, such news can be seen in the For You section of the app. Apple has also introduced a feature that can easily share any file on the iPad by dragging it to the Mac.

These features are not seen in Android. So even though Apple's features have been made public late, its features are very beneficial for the iCloud ecosystem. This is why these features are a hot topic for Apple users.


After the iPhone, now the 'anti-tracking tool' on Android, the app that makes money from advertising, will be pushed.

Google is preparing to bring an anti-tracking tool to its Android operating system. Using this tool, Android users can decide whether or not to allow mobile app developers to access their data.

Apple's iOS 14.5 app tracking transparency tool was also made public some time ago. Following in Apple's footsteps, Google plans to launch this privacy tool later this year.

According to the Alphabet Inc. unit on its support website, Android users will get this option in the Google Play service update towards the end of 2021. The company is preparing to launch this feature with Android 12.

If a user rejects an in-app ad, the app developer will not be able to see the user's unique advertising ID.

After the implementation of such tools on Android phones and tablets, it has been analyzed that the apps and websites that make money by showing various online ads by tracking the desires of the users will be embarrassed.

There are growing complaints that some apps are monitoring users' privacy and collecting confidential information through various advertisements.

Google itself is a company called for digital advertising. It is earning billions from users of Android devices through advertising.

It is said that many people will ban online monitoring apps and websites, which will hurt the apps that earn a lot of money through ads.

This tool is said to block apps and websites that make money by showing various online ads as per the desire of the people.

Biden blocking US investment in a Chinese technology company

The United States has extended restrictions on US investment in Chinese companies. President Joe Biden has continued his previous Trump administration's decision to ban more Chinese military and technology companies.

The Donald Trump administration has blocked US investment in 31 Chinese companies. Adding more companies to the list, Biden has decided to suspend military ties and investment expansion in a total of 59 Chinese technology and defense companies.

Biden's order will take effect on August 2. Referring to security and human rights, such plans have been brought to stop US investment in Chinese companies.

During his tenure, Trump banned smartphone maker Huawei, video surveillance equipment maker Hickvision, as well as some major telecommunications companies, including China Mobile, China Telecommunications, and China Unique.

President Biden has decided to ban more companies, continuing the previous government's plan. The list of banned companies will be made public by the Ministry of Defense.

These are the changes that will be made in the new version of Windows

Microsoft is set to unveil a new version of Windows on July 10. The announcement comes a week after the company's CEO Satya Nadella announced an upgrade to the PC operating system for developers and creators. Microsoft has begun preparations for a new version to the public.

The media has been invited for this. CEO Nadella and Chief Production Officer Panos Pane will also make presentations at the launch event. It has come out that the new version has made special improvements, especially on the visual side. Special changes have also been made to the user interface, which has been renamed Sun Valley.

The new Windows logo has also been seen at the invitation of Microsoft. Microsoft has already announced that it will not be releasing its new version of Windows Ten X. The company has informed that the visual improvement in the same version will be kept in the main version of Windows Ten.

In the new version, new system icons, including visuals, have been improved in File Explorer. This will also mark the end of Windows 95 era icons. In the new version, the problem of app management in many monitors has also been solved. The Xbox Auto HDR feature and Bluetooth sound support have also been improved.

Microsoft has also been working on building a new App Store for Windows in recent months. The store is rumored to be open to all apps and competing payment providers.

Musk accused of violating the agreement, 'doesn't show tweets to a lawyer for approval'

Alan Musk, CEO of Tesla Cars, has been in the news for his tweets. His habit of writing many things about his own company from tweeting a single word has made a place in the media many times. Musk has come into the spotlight again this time. That too because of the tweet. This time the reason is a little different.

In a 2018 tweet, Musk was forced by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to tweet about Tesla only with the approval of the company's lawyers. An agreement was reached between the lawyer and Musk, saying his tweet had misled investors about the company.

Musk has come under fire for breaking the agreement. According to newspapers, the SEC has accused Musk of violating the agreement in the last two tweets. According to the SEC, Musk violated the agreement by saying in one tweet that Tesla's share price was too high and in another that the company's solar roof product.

According to the agreement, Musk would have to seek the lawyer's approval before tweeting about the number of products, new products, and the company's financial condition. But the SEC said the two tweets had broken the agreement. So a single tweet from Musk is enough for cryptocurrency and Tesla's share price fluctuations. There have been repeated reports about the impact of his tweets.

However, the SEC had agreed to approve the tweet to Musk, with the conclusion that the tweets, which would confuse investors, would have a negative impact. The SEC said in a statement that it was "deeply concerned" about Musk's move. Musk was forced to resign as chairman of the company in 2018, misleading investors.

He was also fined 20 million. In an interview, Musk said he had no respect for the SEC but only paid tribute because of his faith in the judiciary.

WhatsApp can now be used on up to four devices at once

WhatsApp can now be used on up to four devices at once. For this, the company is preparing to provide a multiple-device support system from next month.

In the first phase, this feature will be available in the beta version. Necessary modifications will be made available to all users based on the feedback received in the said version.

Speaking in an interview with Wabeta Info, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed about this. He also said that WhatsApp for iPad is under construction.

Zuckerberg has multi-device support as well as 'View Once', meaning that once someone sees the message, the message will disappear. This feature allows users to customize all messages as they wish.

He said that WhatsApp will be completely secure even in multiple device support. According to him, end-to-end encryption will also be available in this feature.

Like this Zuckerberg said that the solution has been worked out as the battery consumption will be high when the message is refreshed on the same device at the same time. He said that this feature will be live soon as all the necessary procedures have been completed.