This is how your data is being stolen through social media

This is how your data is being stolen through social media

How often do you share your personal details on social media? You may have shared general details like name, address, age, job, marital relationship.

What you may not know is that your seemingly simple personal details are being sold online by hackers at a high price for use in cybercrime.

The hacker, who identified himself as Tom Liner last month, did so in the name of fun. In the name of his fun, he hacked the database of 700 million users of LinkedIn around the world and sold it for about five thousand US dollars or five lakh 96 thousand rupees.

We are well aware of many such incidents. Such incidents have led to a debate over how to protect the personal details we share on our profiles.

In an interview with the BBC, Liner said the group that bought the data could use it for any other hacking purpose.

The incident raises serious questions about whether to post your personal details on social media. The hackers did not hack into any of the websites or social media servers.

This is a database created by collecting data that is generally kept public by the user. We ourselves can create a database by collecting general data that is kept publicly one by one.

But for such a large database, we need programming, which hackers have used to create this database. This year alone, there have been three major hacks.

In April, hackers hacked about 500 million records on LinkedIn, and in the same month, details of 1.3 million clubhouse users were made public.

In the same month, hackers leaked details of 533 million users, claiming to be Tom Liner. Even then, the hacker told the BBC that he could not speak on the phone and that he had hacked because he was interested in hacking.

He said that just as he hacked LinkedIn's data, he also hacked Facebook's data. He said he had collected the data after months of trying. He collected the data by hacking LinkedIn's application programming interface.

Japan's world record for internet speed, data transfer at 319 Tbps

A new record has been set on the internet. Researchers in Japan have so far succeeded in testing high-speed Internet. They have managed to transfer data at a speed of 319 terabytes per second, the highest ever.

He has presented a research paper on this achievement at the International Conference on Optical Fiber Communication. The researchers tested it on a 3,000-kilometer-long optical fiber.

It is claimed to bring a new dimension to the world of the internet in the coming days. The study was conducted by researchers at the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology.

"We did not know the speed of the internet during the test. But the previous speed is more than 178 terabytes. We've been able to achieve this by modifying our existing fiber network. "

A new feature in the Facebook group, admin can choose 'expert'

Admins will now have the facility to choose experts in the Facebook group. Under the new feature of the company, the admin of the Facebook group opened for discussion of any topic or for any special purpose will be able to select any member as an expert.

Facebook has stated that it is bringing this feature to make the person who chooses the topic in the discussion in a group look different from others.

While Facebook has announced the launch of this feature, some insiders have also expressed concern that it could be misused. On Facebook, many extremists or conspiracy theorists are discussing creating groups and creating confusion.

They are concerned that the general user will be more confident when such a feature portrays such a person as an expert. Facebook said the feature would not be immediately available to all users and would be tested on a limited number of Facebook pages to improve it.

Facebook has stated that the group admin will make an arrangement that if there are more than three complaints in the last 90 days about the person selected as an expert, such a person cannot be selected as an expert.

Facebook has stated that it is launching such a feature to promote people who have real knowledge in any group discussion. Facebook Group currently has more than 70 million admins and moderators worldwide.

Zuckerberg was worried about what he would do with Yahoo's offer to buy Facebook for  1 billion

 Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has said he was shocked when Yahoo offered him 1 billion to buy Facebook.

The book, which went public on Tuesday in the name of Facebook, a giant social networking site, said it was unhappy about what to do with the 1 billion offer from Yahoo.

At the time, even Facebook board members suggested that Zuckerberg accept Yahoo's offer and move on.

"The board suggested that he could do whatever he wanted with the money Yahoo gave him," according to a book by journalists Sheera Frankel and Cecilia Kang, entitled "An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook Battle for Domination."

A month after Yahoo's offer, Zuckerberg told board members and Venture Capital that he was confused about what to do with the money.

Not only that, if he accepts the offer of Yahoo, he has also made an internal plan to bring a new social network like Facebook.

Now you can get in Tesla's car while playing Pubg

Pubby Mobile and electric vehicle maker Tesla recently signed an agreement. This includes the subject matter of Tesla's products in video games. Along with this, Pubji Mobile has released its 1.5 updates.

Which includes Tesla's car. Tesla Gigafactory, Model Y Electric, driving feature and the semi-self-driving vehicle will be seen on Pubji Mobile. Players will be able to reach Tesla's factory through the map.

Autopilot mode can then be used on highways. This will take the gamer to the location of the set markers. Tesla's semi-self-driving vehicle will be seen on the wild road. On some routes, this vehicle will run automatically.

Players will be able to smash the car and turn it into a drop supply crate to carry ammunition. Tesla has been preparing to bring its car video game platform for a few years.

However, now the situation has changed. Tesla has partnered with a video game company. The company has previously integrated the Chinese version of the Pubg mobile game into the Game of Peace.