Top 10 countries in the race for art technology

The current angry trend of artificial intelligence is welcoming all industries in different countries. AI has the power to recognize faces, drive autonomous cars, deliver great online results, and strengthen business across diverse industries. Not surprisingly, developed, developing, and least-developed countries are all focused on adopting AI for future opportunities and development. While AI technology is flourishing inside and outside the perimeter of the world, some major AI powers are working hard to win the race.

Here is a list of the top 10 countries leading the AI ​​crowd worldwide.



China has always had ambitions to become the world's AI superpower. In light of this goal, the State Council of the People's Republic of China has announced a 1 billion AI world leader by 20 People0. This goal is not only vague but seems to be achievable as it is already a global leader in AI research.

In addition, the country has published many research papers on in-depth studies that are comparatively higher than other leading countries. The biggest benefit is brought by its population using the Internet (about 750 million people) by producing a huge supply of digital data for processing.


United States

The United States is competing with China to become an AI superpower. With the technology culture established in the United States, the country has benefited from the резреж 10 billion venture capital channel in the direction of AI.

But A.I. The future is uncertain and is expected to decline due to recent activities in the country, including reduced funding for AI, increased education costs, and strict immigration restrictions for international research professionals.


United Kingdom

On the European continent, the UK is the clear leader with 121 AI-powered firms. UK tech companies raised. 6 billion in private investment in 201 investments. This amount is 38 percent of the total venture capital investment held in the United Kingdom. That same year, the British government announced a 1 million fund to support robotics and AI research projects.



The Government of Canada plays a key role in investing in AI projects. In March 2001, the Canadian government committed to investing $ 120 million in AI research. Significantly, Canada began recruiting AI talent after the election of US President Donald Trump.

In addition, the Quebec government has taken the initiative to upgrade significant investments from the UK, and China or Canada will not become an AI world power.



According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the AI ​​leader will rule the world. The country invests .. 12.5 million annually in AI. It has also been observed that Russia's real strength in AI comes from the government's limited participation in public and private acts. Additionally, a number of AI demonstrations in the country are military in nature, for example, AI-powered fighter jets and automatic artillery.



The country is known for its watch efficiency and is well versed in technical knowledge. Germany is ready to mix its tradition with the invention of technology. The country is confident of taking the lead in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and quantum computing.

In addition, Germany's Cyber ​​Valley is attracting a lot of international interest and investment.



Norway is demonstrating its desire to cross the oil drilling and fishing past and gain some technical evidence. Although the country has a long way to go to become an AI power, it has been targeting some serious leadership to develop Norway as a technological hub with a 110 million launch in 2017.



A recent survey in Sweden found that 0% of residents are positive about AI and robots, which means that replacing human labor in AI would not be too much of a hassle for the country. Instead, those who are well versed in AI and technology are more likely to expand their support for automation expansion among the various industries flourishing in Sweden. Swedish unions and workers are also giving the green signal to AI because they believe it highly enhances human skills and gains a competitive edge in the global market.



The French government will launch AI research by 2022. is investing billions upon billions of dollars. The French AI initiative will zoom in on data with a strategy to force private companies to make their data public to use as cases of their AI usage. Some other initiatives will also focus on strengthening research firms and over time.

Some of the money will be invested in an AI research partnership with Germany (the amount is still unknown).


India is becoming a fast-growing and developing nation and is undergoing many transformations in its digital space. The impact of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) in the country can be measured by the impact of digital technologies on economic factors and GDP. The percentage is. It is expected to increase to 0 percent in the next two years.

Although the Indian administration has not allocated any budget, the country is determined to lead the AI ​​race by embracing most of the AI ​​initiatives.