Do not mistakenly search for such things in Google search

Do not mistakenly search for such things in Google search

Nowadays we use Google to get information about anything. Because the content we want to search for can be easily found. But sometimes we search for such things on Google, because of which we get embarrassed.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the topics that you may get in trouble with while searching. You may even have to go to jail for searching for something.

Do not search for the name of the drug on Google

If you are not in good health and do a Google search based on your symptoms. At the same time, you are looking for the necessary medicine to cure the disease.

But do not forget to do such things. Taking the wrong medication can make your health worse. So if your health condition is bad, go to the doctor immediately, not Google search.

How to make a bomb

Do a Google search for the site and then click on the cached link below the search results. You may even have to go to jail for searching for a bomb or anything related to it.

If you search for such things on Google, your IP address will go directly to the security agencies. The security forces can then take action against you.

Don't download the mobile app directly from Google

We do not download any app from the Play Store or Apple App Store and search it on Google. By doing this, we sometimes get to download fake apps.

They damage our devices and even steal data from our phones. So get in the habit of downloading apps only from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Do not search for private email on Google

Remember, if you do a Google search for your personal email login, you're doing it wrong. This puts your account at risk of being hacked.

This can lead to scams from your email and get you into legal trouble. So when logging in, type directly into the URL of the official app and browser.

Customer care number

We are using some products. When there is a problem with that, we start thinking about calling customer care.

Sometimes we do not know the relevant customer care number. So we start using Google.

But searching for customer care numbers on Google can be overwhelming for you. Hackers promoting cybercrime can flood any company's fake helpline number into Google search.

So when you call that number, your number goes to the hacker. Hackers can then call your number to commit some kind of cybercrime.

There is a risk of a SIM swap. So go to the official website for customer care and confirm the number.

Pornography Search

You know, in a nutshell, how Google ads work. Google shows ads on the website you visit, depending on what you search on Google. So don't search on Google for porn or things that might embarrass you.

Do not search for free antivirus or software

It is better not to search for antivirus and software on Google. In the name of free software there you can see many options.

But it is very difficult to tell which is real and which is fake. Hackers have fake software and apps. If you download such software and apps, you may fall into the trap of hackers and cybercriminals.