Testing of an aircraft in China that can reach any corner of the earth in 2 hours

Testing of an aircraft in China that can reach any corner of the earth in 2 hours

Chinese scientists have built a plane engine. They have named the engine Revolutionary Plain Engine. The engine claims that the engine used in this aircraft can take it to any corner of the world within two hours.

A test flight of a prototype in a hypersonic wind tunnel in Beijing found its performance to be incomparable in terms of thrust, fuel economy, and operational stability.

The aircraft's engine also works as a reusable trans-atmospheric plane. Scientists have said that after taking off from the runway of the airport, it will travel from Earth orbit and land at the airport of its destination on the surface of the earth again.

The project is currently being led by Professor Jiang Jonglin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This is very common when it comes to engine design. It has three elements. It has no moving parts. There are a stage air inlet, hydrogen fuel injector, and another combustion chamber.

When Jiang's team put the engine in a powerful wind tunnel, it accelerated the flight nine times faster than the speed of sound.

When high-speed air blows into the inlet, it produces a suction web, which has a very high temperature and pressure. That shock web combines with the hydrogen fuel inside the combustor to create an explosion, which pushes the engine forward.

When the engine burns, the Combustion Chamber's mouth looks like a Star Wars spaceship burning in video footage provided by the research team.